Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wonderland movie

I'm sooooo excited about the new Alice in Wonderland movie. *Grumbles because she can't find a link that hasn't been taken down.* Depp looks amazing as the Mad Hatter, and the scenery is just awesome. I love the weird, creepy feel they've got going.

I must see it!

Grimalkin: I met Lewis Carroll once.

Me: What?! You did not.

Grimalkin: Through the Looking Glass? Vanishing Cheshire Cat? Please. If he was going to write a book about his trip to Faeryland, he should have disguised it better.

Puck: What are we talking about?

Grimalkin: Lewis Carroll.

Puck: Oh yeah, I think I remember him. I was a rabbit at the time, and he tried to chase me out of his garden, or was that someone else ...

Me: I am walking away now and pretending this conversation never happened. *Puts hands on ears, walks away singing Lalalalalalala.*

Puck: Hey, did you check out the new Wonderland movie? Doesn't it look good?