Sunday, July 19, 2009

Delayed covers and new chairs

So, first, some sad news. I won't get to see my cover for The Iron King until November. :( That means I probably won't get ARCs until November, either.


But, I did get a new office chair today. And my husband set me up a space for my computer and desk, so I actually have a corner where I can work instead of just plunking my laptop on a table. This makes me very happy. And my new chair is soooo comfy and has that "new chair smell."

Puck: Oooh, a new chair. Can I sit in it?

Me: No.

Puck: Awwww, why not?

Me: Because you will either spin around in it until you get sick, or you will challenge Ash to a "chair race" down the hall.

Puck: Yeah, so?

Me: Go away, Puck.

Puck: Fine. But you can't sit there forever. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to sleep.

Me: *wonders if wrapping barbed wire around chair is enough to keep faeries out of it.*