Monday, May 17, 2010

Ask Meghan/Ash/Puck/Grim

To celebrate the imminent release of WINTER'S PASSAGE, the free downloadable e-novella available June 1st, I've opened up the blog to questions for the characters in the story, Meghan, Puck, Ash, and Grimalkin. If there is a burning question you'd like to ask the four, now's your chance. Wondering what Ash's favorite song is? Or Grimalkin's favorite food? Ask away!

(Warning: I take no responsibility for any of the character's answers. If you ask Puck if he is able to turn you into a hedgehog, don't blame me if you end up small and spiky.)

Okay, got your questions?

Ready, set...ASK!


  1. Grim - What has been the best favor that you've received from someone?

    Ash - What is your favorite thing about Meghan?

    Puck - What did you think of our 26 reasons why we're Team Puck post?? (for your reference

    Meghan - Are you glad you found out you're a Summer Fey? What's the best part of being a Summer Fey?

  2. @Stacey

    Grim: Best favor? Hm, I believe one of the more memorable favors I received was for winning a riddle contest with a sphinx. Arrogant creatures, sphinxes. They think they know all the best riddles.

    Ash: *Sighs* I'm not good with these touchy-feely questions. Why can't they just ask me the best way to kill a manticore? Okay, okay. Favorite thing about Meghan. She's my complete opposite in every way. She's caring and warm and naive and stubborn...and I'm done talking about this now.

    Puck: Completely true in every way! Although you forgot Charming and Dead Sexy and Handsome and Irresistible. But there just aren't enough good words to describe me, I guess. Hey Ash, where's YOUR list?

    Meghan: The best part of being a Summer Fey? Not having Mab as a Queen. Though Titania is pretty scary herself. Sometimes, I wish I were part of the Winter Court so Ash and I wouldn't have to sneak around every time we wanted to see each other.

  3. 1. To Grimalkin- What is a cat sith exactly? What does a cat sith do? Can you shapeshift?
    2. Ash- How many siblings do you have?
    3. Puck- How did you grow up with Meghan without her knowing who you were? Did you have to grow with her? How long have you known each other?
    4. Meghan-What was Puck's most annoying prank he ever played on you?

  4. Thank you Ash for going a little touchy-feely!

    Puck you are irresistible! i'd totally let you take me out for an evening of fun sometime!

    Grim - that they are! way to put them in their place!

    Meghan - LOL, yeah, that's a good reason to be happy you're Summer and not winter.

  5. Ok, first I have to ask Ash about his above answer:
    Do you really think you are NOT stubborn yourself?

    Ok my questions ( hoooowwww exciting!!)

    Grim: Do you actually like Megh or are you just curious what happens next to her, or is there a tiny spot in you that likes Meghan?

    Ash: If you have one wish, what would you wish?

    Puck: You were her best friend like forever, but when did you realized that you felt more for Megh? (and don't tell me you don't!!!)

    Meghan: How you feel about your new found father, does it hurt that he's not such a warm lovely father one normally would wish ?

  6. Puck-What are you: a fairy, phouka, etc.?

    Meghan- What jean size are you? What body type would you be most: Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones, or Reese Witherspoon?

    Ash-What are your siblings like? Did they pick on you? What are there personalities like (in a few words)? Do you they look like you?

    Puck-Do you have any relatives? How old are you, and are you older than Ash? What was your favorite thing you shape-shifted into? Why do you let Oberon boos you around?

    (Sorry for all the questions, but I'm curious!!)

  7. @GirlforChrist

    Grimalkin: A cait sith is the name the humans gave my kind: the catsidhe, or faery cats. Which is ridiculous. As if cats need to be grouped with the Fey to be considered magical. As for shapeshifting, I am loathe to give up ALL my secrets, human. You will just have to keep wondering about that.

    Ash: I have two brothers, Sage and Rowan, both older then me.

    Puck: I've watched Meghan from a distance ever since she was a little kid. She didn't even know I was there until we started middle school, and yeah, I had to look younger then I am now. (Fairly easy to do with glamour.) But, one of the perks of being me is that no one ever asks me any hard questions. And even if they do, I can make them forget all about it.

    Meghan: Oh, where to start. *glares at Puck* Probably the week he kept leaving a live rabbit where I would see it, then making it disappear when I looked away or went to tell someone. The stupid rabbit was all over the place: school, the bathrooms, the teacher's desk, on my dresser at night--I thought I was going crazy until I finally figured it out. Thanks a lot, Puck.

  8. Grim- What is your idea of the perfect day?

    Ash- What is your favorite weapon? Your sword, bow and arrow, etc.? And why? Also, what are some cool powers you have? P.s. I think you are awesome.

    Puck- First off, I love you. You are hilarious, but Im sure you already know this. My question is how did you like living in the mortal world with Meghan?

    Meghan- Are you looking forward to learning more about the Summer and Winter courts, and becoming part of their world?


  9. @Mrs Vanquish

    Grim: Oh, I suppose the human is all right. I do feel slightly protective of her, but only because without me she would fall down a deep hole or wander into a giant spider's nest.

    Ash: Hn. *refuses to answer the stubborn question.* If I had one wish, I would wish... Again, what is with these touchy-feely questions? I'd wish I didn't make that vow to kill Puck. There, I said it. Now leave me alone.

    Puck: Er, now I have to agree with ice-boy. These are hard questions. Okay, fine. When Meghan turned fifteen, I snuck her out of the house for a midnight birthday party with just the two of us. I remember thinking how beautiful she looked in the moonlight, a brief glimpse of the woman she would become. And I think that was the first time I realized I could be falling for her.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to turn someone into a ferret or something.

    Meghan: Oberon? Well, he's king of the faeries; I understand that he can't be very warm and affectionate. In fact, I'm not sure that a friendly and attentive Oberon would be any less disturbing than a cold and distant one. But, yeah. I wish he was a little more supportive. At least so I wouldn't have to watch my back every time Titania steps into the room.

  10. I just want to know what Puck thinks of Team Puck and Ash thinks of Team Ash... and what Meghan thinks of the whole thing. ^^"

  11. @Katie

    Puck: I'm me! No more, no less. Unique and extraordinary. As a famous tiger once said: "the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I'm the only one. I'mmmmmmmmm the only one."

    Meghan: Eek, a fashion question! Um, I'm embarrassed, but I really don't know my exact size. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs, so I usually have to make do with whatever I can find. I would love to look like Catherine Zeta Jones, but I think I'm more like Gweneth Paltrow.

    Ash: My brothers and I don't really get along. Sage is all right; he's aloof and somewhat elitist, but we generally avoid each other Rowan I wouldn't trust if my life depended on it. He's cruel and ruthless and will cut out your heart if he thought he could get away with it. My advice is to stay far, far away from him.

    Puck: No relatives that I know of. And I've forgotten my exact age, though I am a few centuries older then ice-boy. My favorite thing to turn into is a bird, though a horse is a close second because if I can lure someone onto my back, I can take them for the ride of their life, haha! Why do I let Oberon boss me around? Eh, why not? I usually have nothing better to do, and if I disagree with something he says I probably won't do it. Easy enough.

  12. @Rachel445

    Grim: Any day where I could sleep without being disturbed, interrupted, or having a mortal girl come flying into my tree to scare off all the birds.

    Ash: The sword is my weapon of choice. It was made specifically for my hand, and I don't allow anyone else to touch it. (Except Meghan) I use a bow on hunts, but its more for sport then anything serious. I can throw ice daggers, I can encase an entire room or person in ice, I can freeze water and make something so cold that it shatters with just a touch. There are more, but those are my most useful powers.

    Puck: I know. Sigh, its so hard to be me; people can't help but fall in love with you. *winks* I like the mortal world. The Nevernever is all spooky and dreamy and all, but it doesn't have pizza or root beer or take out Chinese. Say what you will about the mortal world, sometimes you just crave a good eggroll.

    Meghan: For the most part, yes. I could get by without not seeing the Winter Court again, but now that I'm a part of this world, I might as well learn all I can about it.

  13. Grim: Will you come live with me? I sure make a good owner!

  14. @Nicole

    Puck: Well, you know I adore all you Team Puck people. We were robbed, that's all there is to say about it. How can more people like Mr. "I-can't-smile-or-my-face-will-crack" then me? The contest was rigged, I just know it.

    Ash: Hn. It was a fair contest. Though I will say the thought of these Team Ash fans make me a bit nervous. I keep hearing rumors that they want me to sing. Let me tell you now, that will never happen.

    Meghan: *raises hands* I'm staying out of this. I plead the fifth. *Goes to stand with Team Grimalkin.*

  15. @Holly

    Grim: Own? As in, claim ownership of me? What a ridiculous notion; everyone knows you cannot own a cat. However, if you send me full servant credentials and a photograph of your residence, I might consider it.

  16. Ash-Why did you ask Meghan to dance at the summer court? Did you think that she'd turn you down?

    Grim- What do you think of all the Team Grim people? Are there other cat siths?

    Puck- DId you ever rescue Meghan without her knowing it (in the human world)?


  17. Ash- What were you hunting for originally when you stumbled upon Megan and Puck in the woods? What were you thinking when you saw her with Puck, and would you have shot them? Did you see that Meghan was tossed into the tree?

    Grim- What were you doing exactly when Meghan was tossed into the tree? And, do you play with yarn? ;D

    Puck- Why did you toss Megan into the tree where Grim was? Was it an accident, or on purpose?

    Meghan- What's your favorite color? Have you ever pulled any pranks on Puck?


  18. Grim- How long do cat siths live? Actually, how long do the fey, phoukas, and selkies live? Do you think it's amusing when Puck and Ash fight over Meghan?

    Puck- How did you feel when you saw Meghan being attacked by Shard? Why do you obey Meghan? Why did you pretend to be encased in ice, only to watch and listen to Narissa and Ash talking?

    Meghan- Is Puck more handsome without his glamour? :)

    Ash- Do the Winter fey marry? Why do you act as if Queen Mab is a stranger, not your mom? How do the fey ascend the throne? Do you have to marry into royalty? If so, is Queen Mab married?


  19. Puck- Why did you let Meghan eat the Summerpod?

    Ash- Why did you stay in her room guarding her all night (after she had eaten the summerpod)?


  20. @Joy

    Ash: Because it was tradition. And because Mab told me to. I didn't think she would turn me down, but it didn't matter then either way.

    Grim: Sleeping. And no, I do not play with yarn. Absurd thought.

    Puck: Oh, maybe once or twice. Mostly I just tried to keep the human bullies from picking on her. Harder then I thought, since I couldn't turn anyone into mice permanently. ;-)

  21. @Joy

    Ash: Because it was tradition. And because Mab told me to. I didn't think she would turn me down, but it didn't matter then either way.

    Grim: Sleeping. And no, I do not play with yarn. Absurd thought.

    Puck: Oh, maybe once or twice. Mostly I just tried to keep the human bullies from picking on her. Harder then I thought, since I couldn't turn anyone into mice permanently.

  22. The Iron King groupMay 17, 2010 at 5:50 PM


    Ash: I was looking for Puck, since I knew he had finally returned to the Nevernever. And yes, though I'm ashamed of it now, I would have shot Meghan too, if I had the chance.

    Puck: Well, the bucking her off part wasn't an accident, since I wanted Ash to follow me and not her. That it was Grimalkin's tree was just lucky, I guess.

    Meghan: My favorite color is blue. And I've tried to pull a few pranks on Puck, but it never works. He knows all the pranks in the book.

  23. @Danielle

    Grim: I am the oldest cait sith I know, and I am not about to tell you how old am am, human. I will say, however, that I knew of Puck when he was young, that should give you a good indication. As for the other races, it depends on how well they can keep themselves from dying. And I always find the two love-sick boys amusing, especially when they fight over the human.

    Puck: Pissed that I couldn't get there earlier. Because Meghan is a princess and who can say no to those baby-blues? And I knew Meghan had made a deal with Ash, I just wanted to know what it was.

    Ash: Very rarely do Winter fey marry. I treat Mab as my Queen because she demands it. I do not know how fey ascend the throne because Mab has always been the Winter Queen. And no, she has never married. She despises the thought of having to share her throne with anyone.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. @Andrea

    Puck: Okay, so that was a mistake, I admit it. Can't we just forget and move on? :D

    Ash: Because I was concerned for the girl after eating so much Summerpod. And I didn't trust Goodfellow to be there after what he just did.

  26. I am a musician therefore I must ask the music question. This question is for Grim, Ash, Puck and Meghan:

    What is your favorite genre of music and what is your favorite song within that genre?

  27. Grim: I dont want to 'own' you, but I woudl love fi you woudl come visit me. I promise to treat you as the cat-king you are!

    Ash: When did you fall in love with Meghan? What was the turning point? Isn't there a fey out there cleaver enough to get you around your vow of fighting to the death with Puck- Most fey are wonderful about finding loop holes.. :)

    Puck: If you were a human celebrity- who would you most look like?


  28. Meghan - who are you more interested in, Ash or Puck?
    Puck - what is the most daring thing you've done?
    Ash - Do you like Meghan more or the girl that you once loved who died?
    Grim - how long have you been alive?

    Hope you have time to answer my questions! :)

  29. Grim- Why does saying "thank you" to the fey or other creatures make you indebted to them?

    Puck and Ash- Would you marry Meghan, or are you not that interested in her?

    Grim- Have you ever heard of the Cheshire Cat? Is there something like that among the fey or cat siths?

    Meghan- Who would you trust your live with, Puck or Ash? What was the creature on top of the monitor at school? (page 23) Who wrote the words: "Scott Waldron peeks at guys in the shower room" on the computer? Was it Puck, or the creature?

    Puck- Did you enjoy being human? Did it get boring at times? Was there ever a time you wanted to kiss Meghan? (Oh no, a mushy question) :D


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  31. Ash - when did you start falling for Meghan?

  32. Meghan- Who, or what, is Floppy, Ethan's toy? Why was it speaking to him? Was it there to guard you? (Sorry, disregard my last message about Floppy!) :)

  33. @Erin

    Grim: If I must listen to music, I prefer classical. Calming, peaceful, no human voices screeching or caterwauling inane lyrics...

    Puck: Well, I really miss old Celtic music; no one really plays that anymore. But I've recently discovered this band where everyone is a monkey, so I'm gonna go with the Gorillaz just because of that. And their music ain't bad, either.

    Ash: I enjoy old ballads and the symphonies, as human technology makes it difficult to listen to more modern music. But, from the little I've heard, I also like classic rock--I think that's what its called, anyway.

    Meghan: Oh, music. I don't think I have a favorite genre; I listen to almost everything. Some of my favorite artists are Within Temptation, Aerosmith, Breaking Benjamin, Cascada, Maroon 5, Sweetbox, Nickelback, Hey Monday, Taylor Swift, and the Glee cast.

  34. Puck- Where did you go in the mortal world when you weren't with Meghan? Such as, did you have a house or did you just go invisible and stay with Meghan?

    Ash- What was going through your mind when the Iron King kissed Meghan and told her he wanted her as queen?

    Meghan- Was Ash your first kiss?

    ~ Allison

  35. @Jayme

    Grim: Hm, a human who finally understands that you cannot own a cat. I shall consider your request, for a favor.

    Ash: I don't know when I first 'fell' for Meghan. Maybe the first time I saw her with Puck; she reminded me so much of Ariella. Maybe when we danced together at Elysium. Its hard to say when you're trying NOT to feel anything. As for my vow to kill Puck, sadly there's no way around it. I promised Ariella that I would avenge her, and she's the only one that can free me from it. Since she's... gone...the oath still stands, regardless of what I want.

    Puck: You mean if I don't glamour myself to look like anyone I want? Huh, well that's tough, cause there's only one me. I'll go with what other people have said. Xavier Samuel with red hair seems to be popular, or maybe a younger Seth Green. I can't see the resemblance though. I'm MUCH more handsome then any of them.

  36. @Anonymous

    Meghan: Um, er. *blush* I'm interested in Ash, I thought that was pretty apparent. Puck is my best friend; he's not into me like that.

    Puck: Wow, that's a hard question. I've done so many daring things I can't remember them all. There was this one time I stole a broom from Baba Yaga, a really powerful witch. Or how about the time I "borrowed" a gold chalice from a dragon's hoard? Ooh, or that time I dropped a sleeping potion into Prince Rowan's wine? Yeah, that was a good day.

    Ash: Does it matter? Ariella is gone, and I really don't want to answer this question. Ask me something else.

    Grim: A very long time, human. I remember when Robin Goodfellow was young and the Summer Court was but a few decades old. I do not remember my exact age; I have long forgotten it.

  37. Thanks for answering! Meghan I must say people with an eclectic taste in music are always the coolest! :)

  38. @Viola

    Grim: Why do the seasons change? Why can we feel the wind but not see it? It is just one of those ancient, irrefutable laws, human. No one knows why saying 'thank you' puts you in a faery's debt; it just does.

    Puck: M-marry Meghan? Um, wow, hahaha. Well, since she's only sixteen, that would be kinda illegal right now, right? So, yeah, that's not really an issue at this time--oh look, a butterfly!

    Ash: Hn. No comment.

    Grim: Cheshire Cat? Oh, you mean the creature I am constantly being compared to. Please. When have you ever seen me float in the air, dissolve, take off my head and stand on it, or make only parts of myself appear? Our only similarities are that we are cats, and that we disappear at times. I am a Cait Sith; of course I can vanish when I want, as can many fey. Legends of cait sith and Grimalkins have been around for a very long time, longer then Mr. Carroll and his mad purple cat.

    Meghan: I would trust both of them with my life. And that thing at school was a gremlin, and I'm pretty sure it was the one who wrote that nasty message. Gremlins are chaotic like that.

    Puck: For the most part. The human world has a lot of fun stuff that the Nevernever doesn't. But I'd always want to go home; faeries aren't that comfortable in the mortal world for a long time. Too much iron. I adapted, but sometimes I wished I was back in Faery.

    Um...yes, all the time. Don't tell her I said that, though.

  39. @carroty

    Ash: Like I said before, I'm not really sure. Maybe the first time I saw her with Puck, when she reminded me of Ariella. Maybe when we danced together at Elysium. I was trying hard NOT to feel anything, so I can't really tell. I only know I did...end up falling for her.

  40. @GirlforChrist

    Meghan: You know, I'm not really sure. It died before I could really find out. Definitely a faery that had glamoured itself to look like a stuffed toy. Maybe a house brownie or a phouka? Or maybe it was a stuffed animal come to life, who knows?

  41. @Allison

    Puck: Oh, I was around. I didn't go all creepy stalker and lurk inside her house, but I was never far. I don't have to be in a house to be comfortable; the woods are perfectly homey for me. :)

    Ash: The only thought on my mind was killing the Iron King. When he kissed Meghan, it only made me more determined that he had to die.

    Meghan: *blush* Yes.

  42. Are the fey considered elves?


  43. Is there such a thing as mermaids in the NeverNever?


  44. To: Meghan, Puck, Ash, and Grim

    What do you think of Julie Kagawa? I assume these books are past records of your adventures, because the last we heard was that Puck was stuck in a tree. Who recorded these adventures?

    Megan- What was the most annoying thing Puck ever did to you?

    Puck- What were you thinking when the people at Meghan's school were making fun of her?

    Ash- What were you thinking when the satyrs were attacking Meghan? What's your point of view of the situation?

    Grim- Hmmm... what question can I give you? What was the most amusing thing that happened when you were traveling with Puck, Ash, and Meghan? Why did you disappear after Meghan and Puck decided to go a different way into the Iron King's stronghold? Why did you appear suddenly when they were there? Should they have followed you?

    ~ Songbird

  45. I only have one question really, and it is for Ash. If your mother has never married do you know you father? Has he been part of your life at all? Do you and your brothers have the same father?

  46. puck do you like meghan more as friend or would you like her more as love interest-tora

  47. puck- when will you ever tell meghan of your feelings
    meghan- if puck did tell you he liked you more than a friend what would you say.

  48. Ash- How would your mother and brothers feel about your 'situation' with Meghan? Are you sorry that you have to take Meghan back to the Winter Court?

    Meghan- If you could go back, would you follow Grim this time when he suggested another way to the Iron Fey's Court? Or did you like some of the, er, outcomes of your trip too much to take the easier way?

    Puck- When did you figure out Meghan was interested in Ash? What do you think about it? Is she being stupid?


  49. Meghan: If you had the chance, would you want to learn how to control your Fey abilities? What do you think of them right now? And what do you think of Queen Titania?

    Ash: If you and Puck hadn't vowed to kill each other, would you trust him with your life? Would you trust Meghan with your life? Or Grimmalkin?

    Puck: (Same questions as Ash) and... What do you think of Shakespeare's version of you?

    Grim: What is your opinion on the Seelie and Unseelie Courts?

    ((Thanks for your time xD))

    - Ella

  50. Thanks for answering my questions!

    Grim: You got it- Any favor you want.


  51. @Arwyn

    Puck: Elves? Well, yes and no. Elves can be considered a type of fey. It depends on who you ask. For instance, ice-boy could be a sidhe, an elf, a Daione Sidhe, a Good Neighbor, or a Tuatha De Danann. Humans have many, many names for us, and some of them mean the same thing. So, its complicated.

  52. @Ariel

    Ash: Yes, there are mermaids, though they're not the friendly musical creatures you might be thinking of. Mermaids in the Nevernever have pointed teeth and like the taste of human flesh.

  53. @Songbird

    Puck: I'll take this one. Well, we could say that its just a story and that everything in the book is the product of the author's imagination, but that's no fun at all. Its much more interesting to say that Meghan knows Julie Kagawa personally, and that one day she told Julie the whole story of what happened to her, and Julie wrote it all down and made it a book. I like that version better. Believe what you will...

    Meghan: See "live rabbit" answer at @GirlforChrist.

    Puck: How annoyed I was that I couldn't turn them all into mice.

    Ash: I was angry, of course. I was a little disappointed they backed down so I couldn't make good on my threat to freeze their important parts and put them in a jar.

    Grim: Of course they should have followed me. I know best, after all. But, humans will always think they have everything under control, so I will let them do what they please and say 'I told you so' later.

  54. @BrokenWish

    Ash: Honestly, I really don't know. I've never met my father, nor have I ever thought about him. I'm not even sure my brothers and I have the same sire. It doesn't matter, though. Mab might share her bed with fey nobles and even mortals from time to time, but she shares her throne with no one.

  55. @tora

    Puck: Um, I think its pretty clear that I'd like her as more than a friend, but don't tell her I said that. I don't want to rock the boat. At least, not in that area.

  56. @Anonymous

    Puck: Maybe someday, when the time is right.

    Meghan: Um, that would be weird, because he's my best friend and doesn't think of me that way.

  57. Hey Puck, will you do a guest blog for PageTurners??? We love to learn more about you and some or your past exploits!

    And Grim, you always have a standing invite at PTB!!!

  58. @Sabrina

    Ash: I don't want to think about what could happen if Mab or Rowan found out about us. And yes, I wish I didn't have to take her back.

    Meghan: I would've taken the easier way with Grim. That's not to say I didn't like some of the things that happened, but I could've gotten to Ethan a lot sooner, and that's what mattered most.

    Puck: I saw how she looked at him in the Chillsorrow manor. Didn't take a genius to figure out what was happening. And I'm afraid she's gonna get hurt; Ash will break her heart in the end, I just know it.

  59. @E.S.

    Meghan: I wish I could control my powers better. I'm not entirely sure what to think of them now. They're useful, yes, but they scare me a little. Titaina? Would YOU like someone who tried to turn you into a deer?

    Ash: Ha. Puck is obnoxious, irresponsible, incorrigible, and infuriating. But, before I made that oath, yes, he was a friend that I would trust my life to. As for Meghan, her weakness is also her greatest strength; she is completely loyal to those she considers friends, and I would trust her with my life for that alone.

    Puck: Before the oath, yeah of course. Now? Not on your life. And I trust Meghan completely. Not to swing a sword, of course. But for the important stuff, definitely.

    Trust Grimalkin with my life? Hahahahahahaha! Oh, wait, was that a serious question?

    Grim: They exist to give balance to the Nevernever; Summer cannot exist without Winter and all that. Regardless, I find their constant bickering amusing at best and tedious at worst. I tire very easily of politics.

    1. Meghan: Who do you like? Mab or Titania?

  60. @Stacey

    Puck: Whenever you want me, babe. *winks*

    Grim: *Yawn* I shall keep it in mind.

  61. Puck - what would happen if Pinnochio said "my nose is about to get longer right now"?

    And Meghan - if you could've chosen to have Puck as your "guardian" throughout your life or Ash, which would you've picked?

  62. Meghan: If Puck were to confess his love for you, would you at least give him a chance? I think Puck should get a chance ;)

    Ash: Do you ever feel guilty being with Meghan knowing how much Puck cares for and love her? Do you really care that it my crush him, seeing you two together? You used to be. His friend... so just wondering.

    Puck: Do you really care for Meghan or is she just another mortal you like?

  63. Can Meghan live forever like Ash, or will her half human nature win out in death?

  64. ash: do you think of puck as competetion for meghan's heart

    Puck: do you think you've lost the chance to win meghan's heart now that ash has entered the picture
    and if meghan doesn't want you stop on by;)-ksthryn

  65. i meant kathryn -kathryn

  66. @Anonymous

    Puck: Oooh, touche'. I'm going to say his head would explode. :P

    Meghan: Puck, because he's an awesome friend, and if I knew about Ash before, who knows what would've happened?

  67. @Anonymous

    Grimalkin: That depends. Typically, since she is only half-faery, she will continue to age per normal. But that assumes she remains in the real world. Humans tend not to age in the Nevernever, so as long as she stays in Faery, she will remain as she is.

  68. @Kathryn

    Ash: We've always been rivals, even before Meghan came into the picture. Its nothing new, though I will fight harder since its Puck.

    Puck: Nothing is impossible. ;-)

  69. Grim-do you like travelling with the crew just because of laughs? Or is there something else.

    Ash-what were you doing when Meghan saw you in the swamp?

    Meghan-how would you describe Ash and Puck?

    Puck-what do you think of team Puck and Ash?

  70. Grim- You remind me of the Smiling Cat from Alice in wonderland, have you heard of him?

    Ash- Have you got any friends?

    Puck- How can I make myself funnier and wittier like you?

    Meghan- Do you cry in sad movies?

  71. Ash - what were u doing when Meghan & Puck saw u on the bus?

  72. @Anonymous

    Grim: I travel for my own amusement. And because I know the group will need a favor from me sooner or later.

    Ash: Watching Puck

    Meghan: Puck is goofy and funny and sometimes irritating with all his pranks. Ash is cold and dangerous, and I know I should stay away from him but there's just something about him that's irresistible.

    Puck: Team Ash? Really? Come on, people. You know you love me more. Team Puck ftw.

  73. @Paty

    Grim: Yes, I have. See above answer at @Viola.

    Ash: Friends? You don't have friends in the winter court. I DID have two friends once, long ago, but they're both gone now.

    Puck: Well, you could bargain with a faery to make yourself funnier, but I wouldn't recommended it. Beyond that, hmmm, I'm not sure. I've had centuries to perfect my wit. But you could watch a lot of Comedy Central; I'm sure that would help.

    Meghan: Sometimes. At the end of books, too. I'm a hopeless romantic.

  74. Puck-What do you think is the best prank to pull?

    Meghan-What is your favorite movie, book and type of clothing?

    Ash-What types of things do you hunt in the forest?

    Grim-Do you think that everyone should always follow your advice?

  75. Ash - how does meghan remind you of Ariella? Did it hurt to see the two so alike? Would you ever betray Meghan? Do you want a future with her?

  76. ash-why do you hide your feelings? what are you afraid of? and what made you kiss meghan after you saved her from the iron dragon?

    Puck-how did you feel when oberon assigned you to guard meghan?

  77. Puck: Are you afraid Meaghan will never feel the same way about you?

    Grim: Has their ever been a girl cait sith in your life?

    Ash: What would you do if Mab forbid you to be with Meaghan?

    Meaghan: What do you think Ash would do if he found out what the kids at school did to you? Especially Scott...


  78. Wow sorry, I spelled your name wrong 'Meghan'.


  79. Ash: Did you visit Puck and Lily when they were still in the human world and had not yet come to Nevernever?


  80. ash: no loop holes for killing puck huh?could nt you like mortally wound him, almostkill him and then have Meghen hold some lets read storys about puck convention so he would stay alive be cause of belief and the stories.

  81. …Continued …

    Ash: If by some freakish force of nature, magic, or what ever Ariella came back who would you choose; Meghan or Ariella?

    Grim: Have you ever gotten a favor from Oberon before? And what have you used a summoning for in times passed.

    Puck: Have you taken a vow to kill Ash or do you just enjoy a good fight and just defend yourself. Do you think that Ash has the guts to kill you, if you ask me I think he’s too much of a softy to kill an old friend?

    Meghan: What do think Oberon’s real opinion is does he like you or does he just keep you because you're his daughter? If Ariella could come back would you want Ash to go back with his first girl or would you be selfish and keep him even though Ariella had him first?

  82. ASH: what were you doing when puck and meghan saw u on the bus

  83. Meghan: If you and ash were to actually settle down where would you live? And how would you stay safe? Also, what would you do if you found out puck liked you. LIKED you liked you?

    Ash: If for some crazy reason you suddenly ruled the winter court, what would be the first thing that you would do?

    Puck: Did you like ariella too? If you did, are you ever going to get sick of ash always getting the girl?

    Grim: Do you like your 'name' that everybody has been calling you for questions? The name grim i mean? Do you think it reflects you well?

    All: What is one thing you would like us to know about yourselves?

  84. Ash- sorry for the touchy-feely question, but did you love Ariella more then you love Meghan?

    Grim- what do you do in you spare time? chase mice or something?

    Puck- do you think that your better then Ash? if so why?

    Meghan- would you ever love Puck more then Ash?

  85. Grim- Is life of cait sith really that boring that you go of somewhere with a half-breed, a prince and a jester who are trying to kill each other?
    Ash- First of all you're awesome :DD. And second my question: do you think you're sarcastic? And what kind of feeling do you hate? I personally hate pity. I hate when people pity me.
    Puck- you're hilarous (I bet you knew that) So you lived in the mortal worl and went to school. Where did you sleep and where were you doing while Meghan used to be at home? And did you understand everything in school?
    Meghan- how did it feel when your mother brought another man home? And did you like him?

    To Julie: I love your series. I'm from Lithuania and I bought ebooks. I really love it! Keep it up~


  86. Grim - What is so amazing about being a cat? (you know, all those times you just say "I am a cat.")

    Ash - Umm, do you like snowball fights? Oh and are you ever like happy, minus the times when you and Meghan are having a "touchy feely" moment. Like, do you ever laugh?

    Puck - Were you ever pranked in your exsistence?

    Meghan - In book 2, you were wearing that amazing ballgown and a clothing change wasn't mentioned since then. So, did you charge into the battle weraing your heels (or were you barefoot?) and a tattered dress?

  87. Meghan: Which one of the boys, do you think would take a bullet in the chest for you? If they both would, who would throw themselves ahead of you first? Hmm?

    Puck: How would you react if Meghan chose Ash over you?

    Ash: How would you react if Meghan chose Puck over you?

    Grim: Have you tried mice, chicken or tuna fish before :P?

  88. Meghan: Meggie, were you scared when you had to fight the scary man who took me away?

    Puck: Do you think Meggie like you? If she does, do you l-like her back?

    (Note: I'm not actually Ethan, I just found him absolutely adorable.)

  89. Ash:If Meghan didn't choose you,would you be mine?'Cause I REALLY like you! :3

  90. Ash: do you think it's possible that a human can live in faeryland? I mean, a full-blooded human.


  91. Just saying I love Puck and Ash! I don't know who to choose so I'll leave that up to Meghan ;) Anywho onward to my question

    Grim: Have you ever had a crush?

    Puck: Did you know that they used your name as a character on the musical drama Glee? Also Have you ever had a crush on anyone beside Meghan?

    Ash: If you mother and Meghan were hanging off a cliff who would you choose?

    Meghan: If you could bring Ash with you and Puck into the human world would you? Also would you take him to school with you? (not a very good question, i know lol)

    - The only and only Mariah (unless other people on this page have my name then I'm the one and only Mariah7777

  92. Im not asking a question.... but honestly when i was reading the books... i secretly hoped puck and meghan would be together in the end, even when it was stating how meghan felt about him i still had a little hope. -tear- not being mean to ash or anything, but i would have chosen puck.... i felt hurt for puck even though puck played it like he was okay and it didnt hurt him that much :\

  93. TeampuckforaneternityMarch 19, 2011 at 11:56 PM

    ...... meghan someone you cannot live without, or another story you'll tell to your companions in a far away future?
    Meghan: could you ever love puck "that" way..
    Ash: whose love for meghan is greater in your opinion, your's or goodfellow?

    - Teampuckforaneternity

  94. Ash(who i think i am in love with)- could you stop bringing up Ariella? The way the author writes, i fel what she or Meghan feels and that is confusion, frustration, and sadness cuz she will always be second best. That kind of stuff doesn't go away. Ever.

    Meghan- have you ever considered the fact that you have equal or greater powers than Mab and Oberon? How else could you break to thing on ur glamour

    Puck- WTF? i mean, really. You have GOT to stop acting so cavalier about such sensitive things and both you and Ash need to stop fighting or I will jump in that book and pull you two both back to court by your giant ears, got that, Mr. i-gave-a-man-a-donkey-head

    Grim-Could you stop being such a pain in the a-.....butt?

    All of y'all- Could you come visit me? Or get me into the Nevernever?

  95. Oh, plus, I am TOTALLY Team Ash!!!!!!! IN your face, Puck!

    and Meghan, sometimes i just want to.....why don't you go eat a summerpod? Or a bowl or two?

    I <3 Ash!!!!!

    sorry Meghan!

    1. Why are you so mean to poor Puck? He never did anything to you. :'(

  96. @Katrina

    He left the Winter court and went to the human world.

    Ash-Why do you always have regret and stuff in ur eyes when you look at or choose Meghan over other stuff? Do you have ANY idea how she feels when you do that?

  97. Ash---- You have to tell us, slusie prince.
    Who would you chose? Ariella or Meghan. And would you marry Meghan? Everytime you talk about Ariella, i know she feels sad that she cant live up to Ariella, confused about everything, and she feels guilty all the time. You have no idea what it feels like to be a teenage girl let alone having the guy u love compare you mentally to his dead girlfriend who everyone calls perfect
    ~~~~~~Ash(i AM a girl)

  98. Meghan-why doesn't anyone call you Meg or something?

  99. Ash: What do you plan to do now that Meghan is the Iron Queen? Are you happy she is, and not dead? What were you feeling when you saw her almost die?
    Puck: Same quesion as Ash.
    Meghan: If you could undo your order to let Ash into the Iron Realm, would you? Do you miss Ash, Puck, and Grim? Do you like Glitch as a good friend now?
    Grim: What do you think of Meghan as the Iron Queen? Would you still go to see her, or would you even miss her? What is it like to be on your own, now that the gang is dispersed? Do you miss it?

  100. Are the characters still answering questions??

    Ash, three words. Meghan or Ariella?

  101. To: Puck, Ash, Meghan, and Grim

    Puck: I LOVE YOU. Just saying ;) When you kissed Meghan and left so suddenly in the Iron Daughter, did you want to go back and finish what you started? (I'm insanely jealous, btw) and would you post a blog for me telling us all the pranks you have ever pulled on Meghan?

    Ash: What does it feel like to touch Iron? How long does it take to kill a faery with Iron?

    Meghan: what is your favorite band, your favorite song, and your favorite book?


    Emily :)

    Grimalkin: Would you start a blog telling us about your adventures?

    Meghan: What is your all-time favorite band? What is your favorite song?

    Grimalkin: Why, instead of answering people questions, do you say 'I am a cat.'?


  102. Ash-What real life person do u look like the most?!?!?!I'm literaly dying to know.:'(

  103. Puck-You're funny and awesome but why won't you lay off Meghan.Why don't u accept that u never even made a move!!!!!TEAM ASH FOREVER!!!:P

  104. Ash- Even though u hated Puck for what he did to Ariella, did u "actually" hate him (like I'll kill ur guts kinda feeling) or was it a feeling that was stupid.

    Puck- describe yourself, Meghan and Ash in 10 words (each)

    Meghan- If Ash betrayed u, would u still love him?

    Grim- who do u prefer out of these faeries: Meghan, Ash or Puck, Oberon, Mab, Titian

    ~ Team IronFey ;)

    1. Meghan because she is not an idiot like the jester.

  105. Ash- If Meghan chose Puck instead, what would u have done?

    Puck- did u ever fall in love with a faery/human...or was it just Meghan through-out??

    ~ Awesome :D

  106. Ash- So you still choose/love Ariella over Meghan? ...well that's... disturbing

    1. Ash:I will never forget Ariella,but I love Meghan.I won't say anymore.

  107. Meghan - Why are you so desperate for Ash? Oh and will you ever learn to defend yourself and not have everyone else do the protecting for you?

    Puck - Do you think you should move on from Meghan?

  108. Julie - i really wish Puck and Meghan could be together.Will you ever make them a couple? I like Puck because he's different than the usual handsome,all-perfect-hero-who-always-gets-the-girl and i really like his humor. :)

  109. People, people, these guys stopped answering questions a way long time ago for whatever sudden reason (prolly got sick and tired or lazy from answering all those many MANY questions ahahahaha). Yet they could at least say something about that they're closing off the Q&A. I'll pass on asking since its a doubt to receive any replies. Especially when the dozens and dozens of inquiries above me shall not be tolerated to be answered.


  110. Go team Ash!!!! U r the best!! I<3 Ash!!Sorry Puck, no hard feelings or anything. Ash:If u had to pick a leader from these two who will it be:Puck or Grimalkin?(it is just for a day). I expect u to answer this. No loopholes or anything! Puck: how many pranks have u pulled? Did they all work out the way that u wanted them to? Have u ever got turned into a rabbit or something like that by Titania or Oberon? If so why? Meghan: what college would u go to? Who do u think is more faithful: Ash or Puck? Grim: Would u like to be another animal besides a cat? What would it be if so? This is for all of u: please visit my neighborhood! I'm dieing to meet u all!!!

    1. Ash: Grimalkin,I usually knows the way even though it is very annoying when he dissapears.And knowing Puck,he would probably lead me into a dragon nest.

      Puck:I don't even remember how many.And as far as I can remember they did,even the one with the old witch.There were lots of close calls when the Royal Family threatened me with banishment,death,and blah blah blah.

      Meghan:Harvard maybeif I ever get the chance.But what will happen to the Iron Realm if I do.Chaos probably.The queen leaving her throne to go to the mortal world would be horrific.And as for Puck and Ash,both of them are more faithful then I could ever ask them to be.

      Grim:Why would I want to be any other creature?(animal is a disgusting term).

  111. A Question for yoa all
    where are the best or your favorite place in nevernever an why?

    Thanks Kathrin

  112. Hey, I have a question for all of you! Each of you, what is your favorite Green Day song? Sort of random, but I was just curious...

  113. Question for the Guys!
    Puck: I <3 ya! Sexy and irresistible you are! So say I was in Meaghan's position would you have fallen in love with me?

    Ash: would you have continued with your quest for Meghan even if you weren't oath bound, or would you have stayed with Ariella, whom you loved before? Also what's your favorite song?

    Grim: how are you so clever and wise?

    Love ya Grim and Puck!!! You guys ate the most awesomest characters in the books!! (Don't tell the others!;))

  114. Puck: I wish you had gotten together with Meghan!!! :( What is your favorite thing to turn people into? Also what kind of tips could you give me on pranks? :)

    Ash:What is your most favorite thing about Puck? Are you friends with him again? Also do you think the Wolf wont care that you both graceless together after he has repaid his debt?

  115. Ash:what made you fall for meghan? and did you ever forgive Puck for what happend?

    Meghan: What made you fall for Ash?

  116. I think it is obvious that the author is not answering your questions anymore.

  117. Meghan: Who do you prefer? Mab or Titania?

  118. Guys, they're not answering questions anymore. You keep asking repeat questions. If you want to know, go back and look over them.


  119. Puck: have youe ver had a girlfriend?choooose me <3 I adooore you :*
    Meghan: What did you felt when Puck kissed you? Was it nice or bad?

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.


  121. Grim: each time you Disappered, where did you go?
    Ash: You confuse me, At first I didn't think you truly loved Megan, I believed you were using her, But do you believe she would be better off With puck? and sorry for the lovey dovey stuff but I gotta know!

    Megan: What was going through your head when you figured out you had magic mixed of summer and of Iron??

  122. They are SO totally not answering any more. That's kinda upsetting.
    You guys better answer, or I'll cry so hard there will still be floods around the world.
    If you DO answer:
    Ash- DO you still REALLY hate Puck? Come on we all make mistakes.
    Puck- Has their ever been any other girls in your life? 'Cause, I can SO make that happen.
    Meghan: I love the way you spell your name, Cool, yet mysterious. No Wonder Ash fell in love with you.
    Anyway, How does it feel to be with Ash? An easier question then, On a scale to 1-10 how much to you LOVE Ash?- I love romances as well ; )
    Grimalkin: I left the best till last, You are absolutely awesome! Have YOU had other little cats in your life?-I would help you but all the other cats in my neighborhood already have boyfriends. (Probably...)

  123. Please answer!!!!
    Puck- have you ever loved anyone like you love Meghan in all the time you've lived?
    Ash- why are you so mean? Meghan does alot for you and you just continue to be rude. Why?
    Puck- why are you SO awesome? What would the world be like with you? *shivers* I can't even think about it. By the way, I think your amazing!!! No wait I KNOW your amazing! PLEASE ANSWER!

  124. my name is michelle and i am team ash all the way but i would be verry sad if puck died and i was wondering why you julie dont make another book and add some one for puck and continue the life of meagan?

  125. Why aren't they answering!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Ash:How do you normally fight? Like if you fought with some one who could be your twin with personality and fighting skill how would you handle it and what would you do?

  128. WHY ARE THEY NOT ANSWERING???????????? :(

  129. meghan~where do u live
    puck~sense meghan is no longer avilible will u look for another love intrest
    grim~are u really the devil's cat

  130. Meghan: What were you thinking when you first went into the Nevernever with Puck? Did you like Ash when you first ran into him or did you just think he was some dangerous fey trying to kill you and Puck?

    Ash: What was your first thought when you heard that Kierran was coming? Who taught you how to sword fight? How old are you? And what is the best way to kill a manticore?

    Grimalkin: Are you and Wolf secretly friends, or do you really hate him? Is your rivalry what caused the hatred between mortal cats and dogs (no offense Wolf)? Are vampires real?

    Puck: Btw I LOVE you! How do you know Leanansidhe? What is your favorite prank that you ever pulled on someone? What is the craziest thing you’ve ever turned someone into? Did you ever meet Shakespeare? Do you prefer to be called Puck or Robin? Why is your hair so red? Will you marry me? ; D (JK about that last question, but that doesn’t mean that I love you any less.)

    Hope you reply! Seriously you better reply or I will have to reach inside my book, pull you all out and ask you myself.

    -Bella : )

  131. Meghan: When did you realize you were falling for Ash?

    Ash: What were you doing in the human world when Puck and Meghan saw you in the woods from the bus. Why were you in the human world?

    Puck: What did you think when you saw Ash from the bus?

    Grim: Why did you send Meghan to your friend(The unicorn). Did you honestly want to save her life, or did you just want to complete the deal and couldn't have a pesky human dieing in the middle of it?
    -DragonGirl- ~Rawr~

  132. I can't believe people were still asking questions for 6 years xD