Friday, May 7, 2010

Team Ash/Team Puck Winners!

And we have a winner!

First off, thank you to everyone who entered! It was so much fun seeing everyone's comments and reasons why they're Team Ash or Team Puck. (Or Team Grim.) And a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to my four Team Captains, Gail, Erica, Stacey and Nicole. I could not have done this without you guys, so thanks so much!

Congratulations to the winners of the signed Iron King and the Grimalkin rocks:

Joy P.

And now, the winner of The Signed IRON DAUGHTER is:



Congratulations, Sonia! I hear you're a proud member of Team Puck! I will be emailing you for your ARC of The Iron Daughter. Congrats again, and thanks for entering!

Sooooooooooo, who won the Faceoff? Well, I went to all four blogs to tally up the votes and we have a very definite and clear winner. The tallies look something like this:

Ash: 139 votes
Puck: 74 votes
Grim: 21 votes
Undecided: 19 votes

Ladies and gentlemen, the masses have decided. The winner of the Team Ash/Team Puck Faceoff is:

Ash! (handsomely portrayed by the lovely BinBons--I MEAN--Ben Barnes)

So, Ash has prevailed in this fight. But, Team Puck fans, don't despair. Puck is and will always be the scrappy underdog. And he has more opportunities to sway people to his way of thinking. This battle is not over. Perhaps, after Iron Daughter and Iron Queen, there will be another Team Ash/Team Puck Faceoff.

Maybe next time I'll include Team Grim.

But then it would be no contest.

Thanks again, everyone!

Julie K.


  1. Congrats!!! this was a great contest!
    And Julie... this picture of Ash is.. uhmm *swoooooooon*

    But I also love Puck, I truly do!

  2. Congatulations to all the winners.. and no I really dont hate u :0)

  3. Congratulations Sonia! Enjoy!

    Team Puck forever! :D

  4. You are right! If you include team Grim, then it would be no contest. He is amazing!

  5. I'm Karen!! Am I "the" Karen? I don't want to get too excited, haha. I really hope that's me though! *squee*

  6. Oooooh, Ash looks soooo good ( I mean Ben Barnes!) Team Ash won!

  7. Soo happy Team Ash won!

  8. Congratulations to the winners!!!!!

    And a huge deserved round of applause to Ash!!!!! :) That picture is GORGEOUS :D :D

    Woooo hooooooo!

  9. Congrats to the winners, especially Sonia! And, yes, TEAM ASH!! He might even have to trump Grimalkin, we'll see...

  10. LOL! Team Grim!

    ...'s so random is might just work

    *goes off the ponder Grim fanfiction ideas8


  11. I'm sad I missed the vote! I'm team Ash! I even made a button :)"

  12. I really don't get why everybody has to talk bad (really bad) about puck. there's really nothing wrong with him. most people only like Ash because he's described as looking. seriously, give me a good reason not to like puck. even though i'm defending Puck, I'm team Ash only because of his awesome sword ^_^

  13. OMG Ash and Edward are sooo alike. The Twilight saga and the iron fey series are very similar. Cold, handsome men. A girl torn between her fun best freind, who happens to be a guy, and the drop dead gorgeous, icey man who can't live without her. Of course she chooses her love.

  14. I don't know...I'm a Team Puck by the way, but I do love Ash and I think he and Meghan belong together. BUT(!) I still love Puck no matter what. I wish he would be MY knight. Oh well. Love the pic, though. I am a HUGE fan of Ben Barnes, may his hottness never fade!

  15. Team ash all the way and forever and always!