Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Three Musketeers signing

Just a quick note...

I'm excited to announce that I will be doing a joint signing with authors Kay Cassidy (The Cinderella Society) and Saundra Mitchell (Shadowed Summer) on Saturday, May 22nd, at the Louisville Summit Barnes & Noble.

These ladies are awesome, they wrote awesome books, and I'm thrilled to finally meet them. You should be thrilled too. We are all thrilling people. So come on down to B&N next Saturday: we'll be answering questions, signing books, and giving away prizes. It'll be a blast. You don't wanna miss it.

Barnes and Noble booksellers
4100 Summit Plaza Dr.
Louisville, KY 40241
Saturday, May 22nd, 2pm

Hope to see you there!


  1. Unfortunately, I live nowhere near Kentucky. :( The closest thing I have to Kentucky here in MD is a KFC down the road. Come to Baltimore!

  2. that will be so awesome! any chance you are coming to atlanta?

  3. I picked up The Iron King randomly at a bookstore yesterday. I picked up three books and yours was the second that I read, I'm glad it wasn't the first because I'm so blown away I just want to read it again. I can't wait to share your book with my friends and co-workers (after Twlight blew up I scoffed at my co-workers told them it was terrible and started pointing them in the direction of GOOD young adult fantasy/vamp books...I now have a mini book club and my personal books drift around the office lol). I also think it is very cool that you are a gamer. I'm a halo gamer, not sure if you play that but if you are I'd love to play with you sometime. I know I'm late for the vote but I'm team Puck. I like Ash a lot but why does the best friend that has been there all along always get overlooked by the heroine? So I'm pulling for the little guy! Thanks so much for your wonderful stories!

  4. Shelli--Hi! Its not on my schedule but if I ever do go I'll be sure to let you know. :)

    BrokenWish--THANK YOU! And I'm not much of an online gamer, unlike my sister who is a Halo nut. :) I play co-op with my hubby if I play with anyone. Team Puck, eh? You're in good company. :D

  5. Hope you come to Ann Arbor one of these days. I'd love to come to your book signing.