Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Musings: A Zombie Question

So, here is this idea I had.

On Sunday, I ask a question, about anything really--books, characters, movies, ect. And we can discuss it in the comments section.

Sounds fun, right?

So, here is my musing for this week: Zombies. Fast zombies vs. slow zombies. Which do you prefer to read about/watch? Which would be more frightening, and which version would be easier to survive? (28 Days Later freaked me out the first time I saw it. FAST ZOMBIES?!? Aaaaaagh, what the heck!)

On a different angle, do zombies make good heroes or protagonists? Or are they best as a terrifying, unstoppable enemy that the hero must fight against to survive?

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Oh gosh, fast zombies are the most terrifying thing ever!!! Also that half chick on The Walking Dead gave me nightmares even though there's no way she could possibly get me. Eww... unless she ended up doing that creepy fast walk on hands that's even worse! I can't really see a dead, rotten flesh, human as a protagonist. Definitely better off as brain and guts eating zombies.

  2. Fast zombies are terrifying. I prefer the old school, slow moving and kind of dumb zombies. Like Shaun of the dead and the small packs in Walking Dead, where you can kind of grunt and amble along, happily on your way.

    I don't know. I love zombies. One day I swear I'm going to write one as a protagonist. Or at least, as a misunderstood person. Hey, zombies need love too.

  3. Fast zombies SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!! I've always thought slow zombies were kind of dumb. I mean how can they possibly catch you when you're running and they're not???? Definitely easier to survive the slow kind.

    I think zombies are best as the enemy. I mean they have lost their humanity and all they do is crave brains. Not exactly the most sympathetic protagonist. However, now that I think about it, it would be an interesting angle to have a book from the zombies perspective where it's actually still lucid with brain function except that it's trapped in this zombie form..... Hmmmmm I wonder how that would work out.

  4. Zombies terrify me. O_O The last zombie movie I watched was The Night of the Living Dead when I was younger and I think I was damaged by it. lol. Fast zombies waaaay scarier. They are effective antagonists for me.

  5. I prefer to read about fast zombies but when it comes to visuals (movies) - I like the slow zombies. As far as which is more frightening - I don't find the prospect of zombies even remotely plausible - so I'll cop out & say 'zombies' are more terrifying when they're manufactured ( 'a`la'the Crazies' ) - at least pandemics are plausible - zombies, not so much. As for which version is would be easier to survive - of course it would be easier to survive against the slower variety.

    As far as the role a zombie should play - I think they're best left as the fodder for our beloved 'hero' to defeat.

  6. Hi :)
    Fast zombies are definitely scarier than slow zombies.
    To Julia & Jennifer Armintrout > There's a book called DUST which is told in 1st Person narrative of a young teen girl zombie.
    I dared my mom & sister to not read further than the first two lines & they couldn't! *grin*
    Thanks to Julie for the great post & question.
    All the best,

  7. Fast zombies are definitely more frightening but in the case of a zombie apocalypse I would certainly hope for slow, dumb zombies because they would be easier to trick and outrun :)

    My brother and I have been working through Resident Evil 5 and the game has some pretty gross and fast zombie creatures that give me the creeps. I have heard of a few books that have zombies as the protagonists but I can't say that I have read any although I guess it would be interesting hearing the story from the zombies perspective :)

  8. Though it is easier to survive SLOW zombies, I like reading and watching FAST zombies because they give the most THRILL and EXCITEMENT - though I would really freak out if they are real... I'll go on an all out hoarding of food and weapons.

    As for the final questions, I don't see zombies as protagonists. I really can't imagine it.

  9. I think that slow zombies = slow buildup = more tension, so in the end I prefer my zombies to lurch slowly!

    I'm looking forward to The Walking Dead tonight... can I assume you are too?

  10. Fast zombies are too scary! I prefer the traditional slow, shambling zombies that are easier to survive.

  11. Slow zombies are probably easier to survive with fast ones being a bit scarier, even though you may not get a good view of their creepy selves.
    They can totally play protag. That would be cool, though you may want to tone down the flesh eating a bit.
    Zombie joke:
    What does a vegetarian zombie say?
    What does a vampire zombie say?

    Why do you want to know? Might it be for Sekret Project?

  12. Any kind of zombie scares me. Seriously. But especially fast ones. And the zombies on the walking dead? Ewwww. Shudders.

  13. I think zombies are just terrifying anyways because they're more believed not to have feelings. Any other fantasy creature we can see having feeling but not zombies with their balnk eyes and stench and death. I think fast zombies are more scary but maybe they're not so easy to survive against as much as we think beacuse we'd tatke slow zombies for granted and they could be sneakier. No they may not be as "smart" as we think but if there are swarms of them we might me busy with some and not hear them where as you would hear a fast zombie.
    I think zombies easily make a great protaganist but maybe we need to put them as a heroin for a chance. I mean did we expect to see vampires so hugely become the heroes and so loveble? Maybe if zombies were changed a bit or just brought into a different light we could love them to, or maybe they're just meant to be unloveable. Maybe there are some things that are just meant to be missunderstood because they're "wrong"..yeah I think too much sometimes.

  14. Of all the supernatural beings out there, zombies scare me the most. Like for real. Absolutely terrifying IMHO. A vampire may suck your blood, but a zombie will gnaw on your leg for days.

    I have a really difficult time sympathizing with the undead (didn't even really like Edward in TWILIGHT), so I can't say I'd go for a zombie as protag. I know it's being done, but I definitely prefer my zombies as bad guys and gals...that are slow so they can't catch me. ;)

  15. Hmm, I have never thought about what type of zombies there could be. just mainly, ah, zombies, yeah better walk the other way. unless its someone who has been out for a few nights partying and they look like they are about to fall down asleep, well they probably need to be steered somewhere with a pillow. ...

    ....but zombies, they are unpredictable, with vamps, they suck your blood, obviously need to tell them where to find the blood bank.. and werewolves, they just need to be taken to a dog training school eh, not sure if that would work..

    ... zombies, all they do is walk forward with their arms up in some sort of killer zone.. well i can say, i wouldn't want one sitting next to me, id be like woah, ...

    I already with KM (above) Edward is one of my favourites either, actually if you read my review on twilight, it wouldn't be very nice about him....

    Sorry, Zombies. Yeah, Slow, so I have time to figure out an escape plan =D

    Jess :)

  16. For me, fast zombies are way creepier then slow ones.

    Lol, love the vegetarian and vampire zombie jokes!

    Hm, will have to check out this DUST book. Its hard to find a book with a zombie hero. Any suggestions on that?

  17. I've read a little of the Zombie vs Unicorn anthology, it looks really promising (so i hope it comes out in softbound soon!) and Cassandra Clare (the story I peeked at) has a zombie hero. It's the first I've read that had one and it seems... interest LOL! very different!
    I always imagined zombies as well, plants vs zombies?


  18. The Generation Dead series is good series with zombies as the good but misunderstood characters. The third book Passing Strange is actually in the point of view of a zombie. I reccommend this series. (BTW the zombies are slow)

  19. I love the Generation Dead books! They zombies are so loveable.

    When the zombies aren't friendly though, I say faster ones are worse beacuse they can catch you more easily. Yikes...

  20. I love you and all Julie but I don't feel like writing a long answer or answering all those questions.

    I just wanted to recommend "The Walking Dead." Aghhh!! It's sooo good! It's on the AMC movie channel on Monday nights. If you haven't seen it then you should cause it's awesome.


  21. I never knew there were books with zombie heros! Who knew! I love this! I'm findind new books! yay!! I've never read a zombie book...I think i'm going to have to try this out..Julie's was my first real Faerie book since I was a little kid and i'm in love with them now ^^ SO who knows what else i'll go for. I love fantasy ^^

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