Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday and the Iron Queen Arc winner! (And zombies)

Welcome to Black Friday!


Pardon me while I cringe and crawl under the covers, lol! I'm SO not an early riser, nor am I particularly fond of shopping (unless its for books or video games), so Black Friday will see me at home.

Alllllllllll day.

But, I do have a nice surprise for one person. The winner of the Iron Queen ARC giveaway. I couldn't believe how many entries it had; 567! Insane, truly insane. And, has picked the lucky winner, which is:

Rebecca! (

Congratulations, Rebecca! Check you email so I can send you your book post haste. :) And thank you for everyone who entered. This won't be the last chance to win an Iron Queen, so keep your eyes peeled for another future giveaway.

Thanks again, and happy Black Friday!

(The similarities are uncanny. o_O)


  1. The similarities most certainly ARE uncanny :P

    Congratulations Rebecca :D

  2. Omg to be honest black Friday kinda scares me.....
    Did you hear how many people got killed last year??

  3. Congratulations, Rebecca! And Happy Black Friday!

  4. Congratulations, Rebecca! I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who hates shopping (unless it's for books!).

  5. Congratulations Rebecca!!!
    Black Friday are so bored... (N)

  6. Congrats,Rebeeca. I hate shopping 2. (it would have been nice 2 win. i have never won anything in my life...all well. Congrats!)

  7. I ventured out to our run down mall because I own no boots and it's supposed to snow Monday. I got a pair at Macy's that's normally $100 for $26. Totally worth the dealing with the lack of people who waste time at our crappy mall!

  8. It's like at the end of Shaun of the Dead when they discovered that zombies were suited perfectly for service jobs. hahaha

  9. Congrats to the winner, sooo lucky =D !!

  10. Congrats, Rebecca!
    My brother and mom weren't sure if it was a picture of zombies or a picture of Black Friday shoppers...
    I didn't buy anything either. But because of school, mostly...

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  12. Well! Black Friday has gone and I got nothing ;). Now the last chance is Cyber Monday I hope I can get some discouts for vacuum cleaner