Monday, April 11, 2011

Too cute not to share

Check out this awesome fanart based on the April Fool's prank Puck pulled the other week.

If you don't remember, it went something like this:

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, man, this is my favorite day of the year. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!" --Puck

"You think that's funny, Goodfellow?"

"Oh, hey, ice-boy. What, you didn't think that was brilliant? Coming back from the dead and all? Hey, put that sword down. It was a joke...crap."

*Runs off with Ash close behind, waving his sword.*

(Too awesome) ^___^


  1. Way too awesome. Love that picture!
    It seems to depict their relationship 50% of the time.
    The other 50% of the time, Puck isn't running away!

  2. T_T *hugs* I'm so honored you put this here! Oh wow... I never expected... THANK YOU!

  3. That's so awesome!!! Super cute. Love the expressions.

  4. omigooooossshhh!! adorable! luv it luv it luv it!!

  5. Julie, I just wanted to drop in and say, well done! On a whim, I bought Iron King at Wall*mart 2 days ago and I couldn't put it down. So yesterday I went right back and bought Iron Daughter and Iron Queen. I'm happy to report that they are wonderful!

    I can't seem to find this free Winter Passage dowload, though. Is there still a link of where to find that? I'll be anxiously awaiting the next book.

    know what else I love? I can pass these onto my daughter without having to worry about loads of sex and swears and whatever in them. Thank you for creating a captivating and clean read. You got 5 stars from me on each for goodreads.


  6. AWW! PUCK LOOK SO ADORABLE! And wow, Ash is human! just kidding folks, but still love it!

  7. Lol! I loves it! I'm team Puck, But I like Ash too. I guss I feel sorta like Megan in The Iron King. I hav'nt read the others yet, I just started reading it faithfuly 3 days ago and now I'm more that half way done! (Pretty awsom for a 12 yr old who hates reading) lol