Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tweeting and winning go hand in hand

Okay, Team Ashers and Team Puckers (that sounds weird, but go with it). How would you like to win a set of all three Iron Fey books, signed? Harlequin Teen is having a Twitter contest tomorrow, Thursday the 28th, to celebrate the end of the Iron Fey re-read month. Does that sound cool? If yes, here are the deets:

Contest is Thursday 7/28

From 11am to 11pm EST

Entrants should use one of two hashtags, #teamash or #teampuck (Don't forget to make it to @Harlequinteen)

Entrants need to tweet a favorite quote from that character using the above hashtags.

Each entrant has a chance to win one of two signed sets of The Iron Fey trilogy (King, Daughter and Queen).

One TEAM ASH winner

One TEAM PUCK winner

ETA: For more information and contest rules go here . The contest is open to U.S./Canada (excluding Quebec)

Quotes can be anything from Iron King through Iron Queen; no Iron Knight quotes since it is not out yet and we want to avoid spoilers.

Also, if you want to really support your fey boy, here are the links to the wallpaper that you can use for you avatar. Its not required, but it would be very much appreciated. (Also, Puck would get a kick of having his place plastered all over Twitter.)


  1. Sounds Good, count me in. Anything for Ash...

  2. I'm so doing this! Thanks for the opportunity! Woohoo! BTW, can we tweet more than once?



  3. Aww, today's not Thursday.
    Have to wait till tomorrow.

  4. Is going to be international or US only?

  5. Lol I bet Puck would!!!! And anything for Ash............ And seriously wat ABOUT Team Grim??? We love him! Most of the times want to murder him............. But still!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! TEAM ASH AND TEAM PUCK!!!!!!! But, sadly, we have to wait till tomorrow....... :(

  6. Favorite quote? But there are so many....

  7. Um... do you ever check your email, Julie Kagawa? You know, the one you have on your website? That one? Please do. And if you get an email from three girls with a story idea, please email us back we are DYING here. Thanks!!