Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Musings: Some awesome fan art

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share some absolutely fabulous fan artwork with you today.  Check out these works of awesome by the talented @BlueFeyTrisha.

Wish I could make bookmarks out of these.  @BlueFeyTrisha is the artist, if you want to follow her on Twitter or just tell her what a great job she did.  And, if you're not convinced, check out the full, gorgeous image below.

Yup, that is pretty much perfection.   ^__^  Thanks for letting me share, Trisha!



  1. WOW! Truly amazing work! She's super talented!

  2. Hi, this is Laura, or you might remember me as @grimalkin1 on instagram :)
    Just saying, I love your books they are amazing and they changed my life! I LOVE YOU JULIE KAGAWA!!!!!

  3. She just made me fall again for both Ash and Puck *o* Really good job.

  4. SO PRETTY !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE how all three of them look !!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is exactly how i picture them <3
    Why can't you make them into bookmarks ????

  5. Wow these are amazing! Just how I pictured the characters!

  6. It's so beautiful - especially Meghan , Puck and Ash ... they look the best ! The other ones (...;-)...) are still "ok"!

  7. Did she made some Blood of Eden - pictures too ?
    Pleese show them then:-D

    1. :-) I already saw a picture of Allie...but I think it wasn't from the same artist...I can send it tk you if you wanna give me your mail...but you musn't of course! :-O;-)

  8. Wow. Those are really good! (BTW got two of my friends to read the Iron Fey... both love it and both LOVE Puck! Tee-hee-hee!)

  9. I love the pictures very muc(especially Puck) but I find Meghan shouldn't look so serious.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. wesome! @BlueFeyTrisha is really talented. I think I may be using the images on @IronQueen_Meg on twitter ;) It's so nice of you Julie to share this on your blog! Talk about fan-appreciation xxx

  12. OMG, those pictures, especially the one with all three of them in it are absolutely perfect! I started tearing up when I saw Ash and Puck again...gah! >:(
    I'm still getting over the fact that Meghan chose Ash, cos I don't know what Team i'm on. Team Ash or Team Puck? Idk, I love them both :( :( :(
    And Meghan looks really pretty

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