Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The BEA14 Dragonhunt

Hello dragon hunters!

Welcome to the BEA Dragonhunt page.  The BEA Dragon Hunt has begun!

Dragon Number 1

Dragon Number 2

Dragon Number 3

Dragon Number 4

Dragon Number 5

Dragon Number 6

Check this page Thursday, Friday and Saturday for pictures of the dragons hanging around the Javits Center.

Determine where the pic was taken (i.e: Hachette Booth, Starbucks kiosk, ect.).  There will be six locations, three on Thursday and three on Friday.  So keep checking back to get them all.

Write down your answers and send them to contests@juliekagawa.com to be entered to win.

Remember, the first person to send in all the correct answers/locations will win the Grand Prize!  Comments will be disabled to prevent hints, and you will have until June 8th to enter.

Good luck!  And happy hunting!