Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Musings: Ninjas! And a few BEA pics.

Hey guys!

Back from BEA!  Wow, what an exhausting but totally fun trip!  I met so many people, saw friends I'd met before, hung out with awesome authors and fans, and was attacked by ninja waiters (more on that later).  It was a blast and now I'm probably going to hibernate for the rest of the month.

This year I took a lot of video clips, and hopefully I'll have my first vlog up sometime soon.  (Aagh, terrifying!)  But for now, here are a few pictures I can share.  Thanks again for another awesome BEA!

I had an interview with Google Play while I was in New York (which was completely unnerving and I was terrified the whole time). Here's me outside the Google office.

And inside the Google office.

Cobalt also enjoyed the Google office.

I only managed to snap one celebrity picture while I was at BEA, but here's me and the stunning Nicky Hilton, who makes me look like a squinty eyed dwarf, lol! Nicky herself was lovely and charming and very down to earth, even when taking pictures with strange midget authors (Me).

So, the highlight of BEA for me was finally going to NINJA New York, which is the most awesome restaurant in the world because it is located in a secret ninja location and run completely by ninjas. The servers are all ninjas, which means they are just as likely to jump out and scare the pee out of you as serve you food.  Me, my agent Laurie McLean, and author Alex Kahler were seated in a tiny room, and they kept popping through the windows and stabbing at us with knives (don't worry, totally fake knives).  It was the most fun I've had in a restaurant, ever (mostly because I'm evil and I loved watching Laurie shriek every time a ninja leaped out at her).  If I'm ever in New York again, I'm most definitely going back.

One of our lovely NINJA waitresses. (She's smiling because she just freaked Laurie out, lol.)

A few of our NINJA dishes. Sumo wrestler sushi and ninja star sushi. Mmmmm.

Um, waiter, I think you left something in my drink.

After dinner, a ninja magician (Ninjician?) came by and dazzled with a truly amazing slight of hand show. I've dabbled in a bit of magic myself, and he was impressive to say the least; I still don't know how he got that potato under that cup.  Thanks for a magical, hilarious, absolutely fabulous experience, NINJA New York!  I shall return, if I can ever find you again.  ;)

So that's most of my BEA pics.  But after BEA, I got a chance to meet a lovely little horse.  Isn't she cute?

And then I went and saw Maleficent, which I very much enjoyed.  It was a visually stunning movie; the faerie world they created could have been the Nevernever.

So goodbye to BEA and New York for another year.  I can't wait to come back.  The dragons also had a great time, flitting about the Javits Center and meeting fans.  I leave you with one last pic, as a reminder of what's coming next.