Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TALON: Read the first chapter

Hey everyone!

So, I have a special Teaser Tuesday today.  Who wants to read the first chapter of TALON?

Is that a yes?  You would?  Awesome.  :)  I happen to have a link to the first chapter right here.  I do have one teensy request, though. If you do read it and like it, feel free to share the link on your social networks so that other's can enjoy it, too.

Thanks so much!  Who's ready for dragons?

TALON: Chapter one



  1. Thank youuuu!!!!!!!!! I'm so bummed I won't be at BEA to try to snag an arc. Hopefully I win one along the way. This is awesome and being posted on my blog as well.

  2. Argh. The end of the first chapter was too abrupt. But it was nice to read Ember's point of view and discover her relationship with her "twin" and how she interacted with humans. Thanks for the excerpt, Julie.


  3. Very intriguing. Looking forward to when it comes out!

  4. So excited for this book!!!

  5. mmmm, Dragons! Maybe I will even be able to get my Mom to read them too! She LOVES LOVES LOVES Dragons and she was even born in the Year of the Dragon!!! Can't wait! Awesome job as usual. I love all of your books!!!

  6. I was afraid and now I am sad. I was afraid because of english, I am from little country in the middle of Europe and it is sometimes very hard for me to read some of these things... It was not. It is really beautiful, amazing and awesome! :) I love it! And why I am sad? Because it is going to be in England (or US) late. I am going to England in October and the book will be in November... Damm it! :/

  7. Julie, You never stop amazing me. I absolutely love dragons and I absolutely can't wait until it's released. I love all your stories and I have listened to all the one's that are available on Audible. I just don't like reading books. I am the type that stays busy and listening to them is awesome because I can listen to them everywhere. I have bought my daughter every book that you have out. I bought her the boxed set of the Iron Fey, it came with an autographed poster. I also bought The Lost Prince, The Iron Traitor, and all of the Blood of Eden books. She's loved everyone she's read. She just turned 17 and she writes and that's what she wants to do full time one day. She's already writing two books and she's lucky because friends I have found on GoodReads and through giveaways have offered to edit all her work, even all of her poetry. Another lady has told me she would format everything she has and put it all on Amazon, in her name to see if any of it will sell. She's also the type that only reads the actual book. She doesn't care for ebooks or Audible.

    I know I've made this lengthy but this is where I plead to you to please, please get the other books available on Audible. My daughter is driving me crazy because she knows I look every single day, I have been since The Iron Traitor was released. She does her best to try and tell me what's happened. I've told her I will listen to it on Audible. I am so frustrated because I can't remember it ever taking you this long to get any of your books on Audible. I promise you that I'm not the.only one one that's missing your books on Audible. Please Julie, I am such a huge fan and I love all your stories that I've listened to, please don't stop making your books unavailable on audio format with Audible. I'm still waiting ever so anxious for The Iron Traitor and The Forever Song. I can get Audible to send a request if that would help. I know I've asked them to get other stories from other well known aauthors and it didn't take long and they are all on Audible now. I'm begging, you have a grown woman crying to listen to your books on Audible. I love your stories, they keep me fascinated, and immersed in your world's, and sometimes I can close my eyes while I'm listening and see myself there inside each place you've created. I am looking forward to the new story and I hope it will be available to listen to.
    Angela F

    1. Hi Angela,

      Thank you! And rest assured, Iron Traitor and Forever Song will be available on Audible, or so I'm been told. There was a slight delay, but they should both hopefully be up soon. (I've been checking too.)

      Thanks again!

  8. i can't wait to get my hands on this book!!! I'm in looooooooove with the story, it's so new and different and AWESOME!!