Friday, October 1, 2010

Bookmark Winners

It is October 1st!

My favorite month of the year. So many good things happen in October. Like Halloween, and cool weather're-not-going-to-talk-about-that.

It's also the end of a giveaway I had here on the blog. ^__^

So, here are the 5 winners of the Harlequin TEEN bookmarks. Winners, I will be emailing you shortly. (All participants were picked through

Jen (jen72684)
Mia (mianoguier)
Misty (itsmidydanstygirl)

And the winner of a signed Iron King and Iron Daughter is:

Tess (teamsuisse)

Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who participated! The answer was indeed Lady Weaver, so I think I should ask a harder question next time. Like, what's the name of Grimalkin's girlfriend? :o

(No one knows)


  1. Whats everyone gonna be for halloween??? Im gonna be a crayon :)

  2. @Carmen
    Hawaiian trash princess from Hell (don't ask, it was a bet ;)

    Congrats @ll the winners :)

  3. OMG ! I won ! First time I win something, and that's my favorites booooks !! Thanks thanks thanks Julie !
    (sorry, should I send you an email or ?)

  4. Pff sorry, I didn't read correctly, too much excited I forget my previous question ;-)
    Thanks again, I'm making the happy dance !!

  5. THANK YOU JULIE! And congrats to the other winners!

  6. Thank you Julie....I'm so surprised that I was picked. Also I REALLY love your books! :)

  7. i won!! yay for me*claps and dances(woot woot..i cant beleive i won..i never win anything :P
    congrats to all yuu other guys i bet yur rly hapy to !!

    thank yu so much julie!!

  8. I received the signed books, amazing !!! thanks thanks thanks Julie !
    Kind regards
    Sabrina (Tess)

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