Sunday, October 24, 2010

There is now a level zero.

Thought for the day:


So, this morning, Sifu Eman Boztepe, the founder of Ebmas Wing Tzun Kung Fu, came to the dojo for a seminar. This is my instructor's instructor, and it was an honor to listen to Sifu talk and watch him work, kinda like having a special guest speaker in Physics 101, and that speaker was Albert Einstein.

Then we trained for nearly 4 straight hours.

Me during class:

Me after class:

So, let me reiterate the thought for the day:


I got punched in the eye, I have bruises all over, and if I wrestled a gorilla in a vat of jello I could not be more exhausted.

In other words...




That is all.


  1. I hope that in the event I get my butt kicked like this in a class, I have your same enthusiasm. LOL I love it!

  2. ROTFL was not expecting those thoughts at the end. xD
    I especially enjoyed the Kung Fu Panda pictures. :D Lovely movie.
    I wish I had that attitude! I'd probably get hit, cry, and run away! xD