Monday, October 25, 2010

The-cat-under-the-sheet giveaway

Whooooooooo's that?

It appears to be a certain cat, getting into the Halloween spirit. (Nice sheet, Grim.)

So, with Halloween just around the corner, I thought I'd have another giveaway. So, if you would like to win a cat-disguised-as-a-ghost rock (and a signed Iron Daughter), please leave your name and email addy in the comments, along with your answer to this question:

"If Ash or Puck dressed up for Halloween, what kind of costume would they wear?"

No wrong answers, this is purely for fun. And on November 1st, I'll pick the answer I like best. Sound good?

Happy Haunting.



  1. Hmm this is easy for me! I think that Ash wouldn't dress up period because it would be too childish a tradition for him and I think Puck would dress up as Ask so he can do stupid things and make him look bad, and to taunt him of course.


    I totally want that sheet covered Grim!

  2. I thought that was an owl. Lol. I need to wear my glasses more often. :)

    What would Ash and Puck wear? Hmmmm. Either a Knights costume or they can wear anime costumes. :) Anime can be really creative.

  3. Oppps forgot to leave my email addy. :) I was too excited to click "Post Comment" anyway it's

  4. If Puck dressed up for Halloween, he'd be a mime. That way he could annoy the crap out of everyone by making them guess what he was acting out, refusing to say a word all day. (I did that)

  5. I think Puck would make a nice Ron Weasley. Do you think Ash could be Harry? Maybe Snape?*giggles*

  6. Well I think Ash would dress up as himself. And he'd be a stoic about it too, as if there was nothing else possible to dress up as.
    I think Puck would dress up as 'The Situation' because you just know he's into pop references and he'd find it hilarious.

    Awesome giveaway :D thanks so much for the chance to win :)


  7. This is a tough question. I honestly can't see Ash dressing up but Puck on the other hand... the possibilities are endless. But if I have to choose...Ash as a mobster, just cause he could pull it off;). Puck as Grim, because you know how he loves to irritate everyone!

  8. Forgot to leave my info. Name: Ayricah Email:

  9. I think Ash would go as someone somewhat heroic but anonymous, like Zorro. Puck could go as Grim. I can just imagine Grim sighing now. :)

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  11. Ash would not dress up for Halloween. Knowing him, he thinks its childish, and a waste of time. Though if Meghan did somehow talk Ash into dressing up, it would be something sophisticated. Or knowing him, he'd use a loop hole and just drop his glamour :D Then all the girls would see him as a sexy ice prince ;D <3
    Now for Puck. oh, decisions decisions.... Puck would want to impress his lovely princess Meghan ;) so it would defiantly be something SEXY ! But also humorous.
    He might decide to dress up as a court jester, or he could even try to show up Ash by dressing up as a prince or knight himself ;D
    He'd probably spend most of his time tormenting everyone with halloween tricks and not have the best costume in the end xD

    ~ I LOVE GRIM <3 ~

    Helena-Rose M.

  12. I think Puck would dress as a court jester and Ash wouldn't dress up at all. Ash would go as himself because he wouldn't see any sense in the event.

  13. I think Puck would wear a costume that looks like a giant slice of bread... so he could point at his hair and then at the costume and say, "I'm gingerbread!"

  14. Oops... email address is

  15. Puck would clearly dress up as a Jester. That way he could act like himself and still be in character. :)


  16. I was thinking maybe Ash would dress up as a Summer fey from the seely court! to show his love and loyalty to meghan.. and also to piss his mom off ;) And puck could dress up as Robin Goodfell, to remind Meghan how close they always were and how he had always been there for him.

    btw I love LOVE Grim! he kinda makes me think of a slightly less neurotic and creepy cheshire cat lol :)


  17. I think Ash wouldn't dress upa dn Puck would go as a Grim

    mellanhead74 at

  18. I think Puck would be a medieval knight!

    wildpeetree7 at hotmail dot com

  19. I have not gotten the chance to read about Puck and Ash yet so I guess I'm at a disadvantage but what the heck. I'd put Ash in a sexy devil's yet scary since his name is Ash for ashes of hell. Puck would go as well a A big black circle for a hockey puck :) I think it would be humorous.
    Thanks for the great contest.

  20. Puck would dress up as a twisted clownish, but recognizable Winter Fae Prince. Ash wouldn't dress up. Well, he might wear his royal attire to a dance if he was taking Meghan, otherwise, just don't see it. :)

    ~Melissa (Books and Things)
    books (dot) things (at) yahoo (dot) com

  21. I could imagine Ash wanting to dress up like someone who is a badass and a powerful fighter, so I would have to say D from Vampire Hunter D. And I think Ash might even like D's style. :)
    I could see Puck dressing up as Ryuk from Death Note. Not only is Ryuk awesome & funny, but Puck probably wouldn't mind going out in a creepy costume and carrying around an apple. ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. I would have done this myself for Halloween, unfortunately the costume is hard to find. But Ash would go as Ezio from Assasins Creed 2. I love the outfit. Puck, a couple of slices of bacon. I actually saw this costume as a part of a couples costume and almost did it myself with my husband. One as bacon, the other as eggs. Lol!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  23. LOL! Ok... I'd imagine Puck would go as Ash and Ash would go as Puck... and it would be Puck's suggestion... ;)

    Love the cat-ghost rock... and would LOOOVE a signed copy of TID!! YAY!! Thanks for the contest!!

    Michele :)

  24. I have not read the books either. But I will take a guess none the less. How about two t-shirts with "This is my Halloween" costume printed on them :)

    Or maybe a tuxedo t-shirt!

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  25. Puck would dress up as Leatherface to scare Meghan :).

  26. Meant to say GRIM-ghost rock! :P

  27. Tf Ash could dress up... he would probably a knight so he doesn't have to dress up. Puck would probably would be a shadow so he could stalk people all day. = )


  28. Ash would dress as a hockey player so that he'd have an excuse to slap shot Puck! Puck could even play along, if he dared, by dressing up as the puck.

    gemmabennett88 @

  29. I think Puck would find it terribly funny to dress up as a cat disguised as a ghost...


  30. Puck would dress up as the Verizon guy...just so he could get a laugh out of saying "can you hear me now".

  31. I feel that the only way Ash would dress up would be if Meghan made him! He would definitely be Batman if he had to be because bat man is mysterious and edgy like Ash!

    Monica M

  32. I would imagine that Puck would dress up as a faerie. But not the kind of faeries in the book. He would dress up as the stereotypical faerie- poofy skirt, glitter, BIG pinkish wings.....If I could guess, I bet he would be a girl faery. Ohhhh, that Puck:)

    And Ash.... I'm not sure if I need to do both characters but if I do, I would think that Ash would dress up as a nobleman from the Victorian era. Very gentleman like.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. *ponders* If Puck were to dress up for Halloween he'd dress up as the Dread Pirate Roberts, that way he could say 'As You Wish' & Meghan could be his Buttercup. <33 . Though I think he'd pull of a certain 'Goblin King' quite well. *hint hint*

    As for Ash, being the sour puss that he is, I'd say he wouldn't dress up. The end. No just kidding. *sighs* ...I guess, oh I know - he can be a prattling, pretentious fop a`la Raoul from The Phantom of the Opera. & no - he can't be Erik ( the phantom ) . >..>

    *I swear I'm not bias Ash...*coughs-much-*

    - Rachel Y.

  34. Goth Punk Rockers.

    Dont know why, just think it would be funny.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  35. I don't think Ash would dress up for Halloween because he'd see it as something fun he can't do because he wants to look like a man for his mother and not a boy. Puck would do something crazy like dress up as Ash just to make him mad.

    c4casey [AT] comcast [dot] net

  36. Hmmm... Ash would probably scoff at the idea of dress-up, but if Meghan asked him to, he would. He'd probably go as a prince since that's about all he knows how to dress as.

    Puck would totally get into the spirit of Halloween and go as something wild. Maybe a crazed wizard. Or an insane-asylum escapee.

  37. Puck would dress up as an apple. I dunno but it makes me think of the apple that an arrow shoots (in some medieval story). Of course HE would never get shot. That sneaky, slippery fairy...

    Enise Koc

  38. I've got to agree with those who said it already. I don't think Ash would dress up, unless Meghan begged him to. But even then I think he'd just stay mostly as himself, a prince.

    Puck. Now he'd have fun with it. I think he'd either impersonate someone, or dress up as something pretty wacky...but right now I'm drawing a blank on something specific. But I'm sure it would be awesome and hilarious.

  39. Puck would dress up like Ash to piss him off and Ash would wear a tee shirt that says 'this is my costume'



  40. I think Ash has a sense of humor, so I do think he'd dress up. Since he tends to be reserved and sarcastic... I think it might be as Puck, or compliment whatever Meghan was wearing.. just to rub it into Puck that they are together...

    As for Puck.. I think he'd either go all out as Edward from Twilight, something goofy like Mad Hatter or Lady Gagga or he'd try to win Meghan by looking dashing in a dark knight (ish) looking costume or a tux of some kind..

    Meghan should go as a greek goddess.. so that means Ash would have to wear one of those short greek god outfits... **THUD...just fell onto the floor**

    :) :) Jen S.

  41. Ash wouldn't dress up for Halloween. It is beneath his dignity.

    Puck, on the other hand...his costume would have to be flashy AND likely to get him into a hellofalotof trouble: Queen Mab. He would then spend the next couple weeks frozen into a Queen Mab ice sculpture in her royal gardens.



  42. If I could dress them up, they would be 300 soliders, I wanna see those bodies!! :)

    sithereandread(at) gmail (dot) com

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  44. I think Ash would dress up, just as something really sophisticated and sarcastic and, well, like him. I think he'd go with a pirate, not like the ones in Peter Pan but in the romance novels with those white shirts that are opened at the chest and form fitting pants with knee high boots. Still very princely without totally being himself.

    I think Puck would be changing outfits every 30 minutes, just so he could be a little bit of every crazy thing and to try to confuse people. I think at some point he'd dress up as Ash, to mock him of course and to act all pristine and proper. Halloween is after all about being who you're not.

  45. Ash would definitely go as Harry Potter.
    Puck would go as Edward Cullen.

    Nuff said.

    alexreadsbooks at gmail dot com

  46. Puck should be a duck and Ash a surfer, this way we could all stare at his abs!


  47. The perfect Ash costume is a sexy Ice Prince, what else. He isn't going to dress up as anything else.

    As for Puck, the funnier the better. I like the Grim idea and the Ash idea, both would be funny. How about if he dresses as Megan and teases Ash?


  48. they would dress up as each other :)
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  49. I see Puck as either the spirited Robin Hood or the impish Peter Pan... I think he'd have loads of fun with both. Can you imagine him given free reign to steal from the rich--such as, oh, I don't know.... Ash, maybe? :P Or if he were Peter, more license to play all his usual pranks--and be young forever!

    Like many others here, I find it very hard to picture Ash getting into the spirit of Halloween, but maybe for a masquerade? He could be a stoic foreign king or a knight.


  50. I have no idea why but I think that Ash would think that dressing up is below him, although if he had to choose, I have a feeling he would be a very stoic Batman, and Puck would be...well Puck. After all, no one can dress up as Puck better than..well, Puck.

  51. Or maybe Puck would be a carrot? *sigh* I love redheads.

  52. chrystal(dot)mclean@yahoo(dot)ca

    Chrystal M

    If Meaghan made Ash dress up he would probably accept being something like Sir Lancelot.

    Puck would probably dress up as Ash and act completely snotty to everyone to piss off Ash.

  53. Well, since I love Puck, I would get him to dress up as a court jester. =P


    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    *crosses fingers I win*

  54. Ash would go as the Grim Reaper, and Puck would go as Peter Pan (or an old lady for fun!) By the way, no lie, my birthday is on Nov. 1st! Good date for a giveaway!!! :)

  55. I want to see Puck dressed as Oberon! lol! But i think that would get him into trouble..but since Puck is the I-love-trouble-anyway, maybe he could go dressed as Ash instead. :p Then Halloween will be promising. :D


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  57. Since Ash is secretly obsessed with zombie apocalypse. He would dress up as Chris Redfield from Resident Evil. When Puck finds out he wants to be Chris Redfield, too. But Ash won't let that happen. That leads them to another duel over being Chris Redfield for Halloween. When Meghan know about the duel, she is very angry with them for duel over something very childish. She punishes them by make them both dress up as zombie. (and Meghan herself dresses up as Jill Valentine.)

    nueng777 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  58. Puck would totally dress up as Iron Man, who of course, being played by Robert Downey Jr. is good looking and rebellious. Trouble would find him no matter what! I would like to be his Pepper Potts haha!

    Thanks for holding this contest!


    P.s. When I was small my mom had a rock garden & the cat-under-the-sheet rock reminds me of that :)

  59. ummm, I think Puck would use glamour to look like Ash, and Ash would probably not want to dress up but Megan would convince him to be a...knight? my email is AWESOME contest! thank you!!!

  60. I love the contest - thank you! I think puck would just turn into a raven and play pranks on every one and Ash wouldn't dress up. Meghan could be a fairy princess! :) my email's:

  61. I think that Ash would dress up as a human teen because he would think that it would appeal to Megan - Puck would dress up fancy like a prom date or a prince so that Megan would think he looked good.
    Thanks for hosting - love your stories!

  62. I think Ash would dress up as a nobleman, but just because someone made him do it. Otherwise he wouldn't dress up at all. And Puck would go either as a sparkly vampire or he would wear a Lady Gaga-like costume :P

    entrelibros_blog at

  63. I think Ash would go as himself because he's scary enough as it is, and Puck would probably go as something funny and ironic. He might dress up as a fairy, just cos he can. And by fairy I don't mean faery, but fAIry with sparkly wings and a tutu.

  64. would love to read this book.

    These books have not seem to appear in my local bookstore yet,

    so I have not read it yet.


    but, I think they [ Ash & Puck] would probably dress up as

    Iron Man!




  65. Hmm, it's such an intriguing question! I'd think Ash would make an awesome Twilight vampire :P but then I doubt he'd want to be so sparkly :O (grin)

    And so, I'd imagine Ash would be coerced to cross-dress as Lilith (fallen angel) and he'd have long flowy black hair and black feathers!!! (And it'd be adorable and something he'd probably never consent to!) and then Puck as the Mad Hatter from Alice!

    Steph (

  66. Ash should go as Squall, just sayin :D


  67. Puck would go as Titania just for the heck of it :P and Ash would be... Darth Vader :D don't you hear him?! - whooo wheeee whooo wheee


  68. Han Solo would be Ash and Puck would be a Wookiee. Or a Storm Trooper :)


  69. I cant see Ash dressing up for Halloween, but I have a theory. Puck and Ash both are jealous of each other. So what if they see Halloween as a chance to be someone they are not or want to be. So I say that Ash will try to be carefree and dress up as a court jester that can laugh and relax for a while. This will show Meghan his funny side. Puck, on the other hand, would want to dress up as a prince to show Meghan his serious side. That way they both get to show Meghan that deep down they can or do hold that element that she loves about the other.

    Like I said, just a theory! :) LOL


  70. I don't think Ash would dress up. If he did maybe a knight or something. But Puck, he would dress up as something silly like Gumby or a clown.

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  71. I think if Ash desided to indulge in dressing up, I could see him as Sasuke Uchiha. He would look better in the Shippuden outfit because it has a sword and we all know Meghan would faint if she saw him in that outfit, with its wide open shirt and all.

    As for Puck, he could dress up as Naruto and run around pulling pranks and screaming, "BELIEVE IT!!" or "DATTYEBAYO!!"

    I'm such a Naruto freak. XD


    P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!!!! <3 <3

  72. Thank you for this AWESOME contest! :D I think Ash wouldn't dress up. Puck would wear a cat costume, maybe? :P

    Giada M.

    fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

  73. Don't know if anybody has already said this, I didn't read the other comments but....

    Puck would definitely be a hockey puck! And he would be nudging people with his elbow saying "get it?". haha

    Ash would insist on not dressing up, and Meghan would be really disappointed. Then he would surprise her (he had been planning on dressing up all along, just to make her smile ;), he would be snow! All white and sparkely, with actual snow swirling around him. He would be cool yet beautiful at the same time!

  74. No offense but I don't really care what Ash dresses up as because I'm a Puck girl all the way! I'd want to see him dressed up as himself, but in someone's interpretation of him. Mostly, I'd like to see him in the costume this really gorgeous guy wore onstage when he played Puck. I think Puck would find the humor in it :)

  75. Okay, I have to amend my comment above that Ash should be a hockey player because I thought of a better costume for Puck. (Ash still gets to be a hockey player, though.) Here are my suggestions:

    Ash would dress as a hockey player so that he'd have an excuse to slap shot Puck! (Without Meghan getting mad, right, because it's Halloween?)

    Puck would dress up as a box of Red Hots because he's RED HOT!

    gemmabennett88 at

  76. i lovveee the gingerbread comment :) ok if puck dressed up...i think he would dress up as a glittering edward vampire, spouting twilight quotes like "i love you, but i will not destroy your soul"

    ash...hmmm...i think he has a teasing side so he'd probably dress up as SOMETHING...maybe an actual fairy prince (stereotypical of course-wings, ivy vines, etc) how ironic :)
    Sarah Chartier

  77. I could definately see Puck dressing up as a huge ice cube then prancing around in front of Ash.

    :) Erica
    thebookcellar @

  78. Knowing Puck, he might just dress up as Ash (or a very unflattering version) just to get him angry :P Haha.

    Beverly H.

  79. I don't know if Ash would dress us, he would probably just go as himself. But Puck I see him dressing up Tuxedo Mask from Sailormoon.


  80. I'm not sure Ash would be the one to dress up, but if he did, I would get a kick out of him dressed as Voldemort :)

    Thanks for the contest!


  81. Puck would dress up as Robin Goodfellow because he would want himself represented as an iconic Halloween character.

  82. I think puck would dress up as a clown.


  83. I don't think Ash would dress up at all, he'd just go as himself. As for Puck, I think he'd dress up as something random and hilarious, like Little Red Riding Hood.

  84. I think Ash would be Robin Hood, or the Grim Reaper, lol! And Puck would be Ron Weasley ;) Or an ROUS.

  85. I could see Puck dressing up as Perry the Platypus. And for Ash, I don't see him dressing up as anything at all. But it would be fun to see him dressed up as Edward Cullen. lol


  86. I think puck would dress up as a joker for some reason or mabey even a hotdog lol hes unpredictable. And ASh would probably dress in something that goes with megans costume, in my opinion.


  87. They would both dress up in giant banana suits and then throw bananas at eachother to see who is the best banana. ;)

  88. ponydancer8798@yahoo.comOctober 26, 2010 at 10:14 PM

    OMGOSH!!!!!! Puck would so go as Zorro that way he can play hero and save people..(mostly megan!)
    ANd Ash would go as............. Dracula! He just has that look pale, cold skin, dark black hair, kinda ominious sometimes. They could be long lost cousins!( if one wasnt dead!) hehehe i am getting wayyyy to carried away with this.....

  89. I think Puck would dress as something scary and would pop out at little kids and steal their candy. xD Or . . . a girl. I could totally see him trying to waltz around in heels with a high-pitched voice. xD
    And Ash would dress as...whatever Aislinn makes him wear. But I'd love to see him be a disco dancer.
    With an afro. :D

    kayla3194 at gmail dot com

  90. I totally think that Ash would just dress as he usually does, he probably would think dressing up is pretty childish, but I think if Meghan asked him to, he would eventually do it.

    As for Puck, well, I think he would be dressed up to suit his personality, fun loving and mischievous. It would be fun to watch, lols.

  91. Ash would go as something simple but cute like a ghost (you know get a sheet and cut out some eye holes, lol).

    Puck would make a funny Frankenstein! :)


  92. For fun, eh? In that case, I want to see Ash as a mustard and Puck as a ketchup ;D

    isabookwhore @ gmail. com

  93. Ash is one of those people who thinks that halloween is a childesh thing and a waste of time...However,If he were to dress up, he would probably be the lion from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    And Puck? Puck would be Dorthy.

  94. I think Puck would go as a victim of a dragon attack. All his clothes would be burned and his hair would be on fire.


  95. I would like to see Ash dress up as Cinderella and Puck as Snow White. Haha! I don't know, I suppose they would be all cuter and prettier than Meghan Chase. Ooh, lovely!

    Reading Lassie

    Thank you, Miss Julie Kagawa.

  96. I think Puck would dress up as Ash just to annoy him and Ash would come up with some remark of how useless Halloween is!



  97. I think Ash would dress up as a pretty princess in pink, after all, isn't the whole point of dressing up for Halloween pretending to be something that you're not? (plus this would be hugely entertaining...not that I'd ever have the guts laugh at Ash to his face...)

  98. Ash would dress up as Zorro or someone with a mask on because he'd want to be as anonymous as possible to everyone except Meghan. And Puck... well, if he's not going to dress up as the Royal Iciness himself to taunt him, he'd dress up as a ninja! He's already as skilled as a ninja -what with all his shadow replacement techniques and such- and he's also as loyal to his princess as a true ninja is.

    ana13kl @

  99. Diana

    lol they should totally go as themselves
    best costume ever!!

  100. I think Ash would be a 17th century aristocrat (with the ruffles and all) and of course he would have his pointy dueling sword with him.
    Puck on the other hand would either go as a giant banana or a giant red M&M... or just to throw people off he would just go as himself.

    spettolij AT gmail DOT com

  101. ash would wear a shirt that says costume duh and puck I keep thinking of robin hood

  102. I think if Ash could dress as anything for Halloween he would choose to be invisible. Meghan would probably join him, unless Puck had any say in it. I could see Puck dressing up as Robin Goodfellow because, seriously, that is who EVERYONE wants to be, right? Right?! You know Puck would agree.

  103. At first I couldn't picture Ash with any kind of costume as many others (above me) could not. On a second thought though I totally see him as the character from the movie " The Crow " ... and Puck, well, he could be the real crow (wouldn't be that hard for him). :D That is of course in a universe where they are in good terms with one another.
    This is what I mean:

    Dessislava Valchanova,

  104. I haven't read these books and know nothing of the characters, though I really want to get my hands on them. I'm just going to throw something out there and cross my fingers :) Since these characters are older I will have to go with something simple and say maybe a vampire and a Doctor. I know, I lack in creativity :) Still crossing my fingers LOL

  105. I honestly can't see Ash dressing up (or even wanting to dress up) as anyone. He's too cool and stoic to do that ;) Puck, on the other hand... I think he would dress up as Ash, just to bug the heck out of him ;)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Tracy Nguyen,

  106. Ash... as dracula!!!!!!!! :) And Puck.. as a PUMPKIN!! *dodges plate thrown by Puck*

  107. What about Grimalkin? Doesn't he get to be dressed up as anything??? Ash: grim reaper
    Puck: An old lady for fun!!!!! signed- rosie4

  108. Ash would be edward scissorhands and puck would be beetlejuice.

    cscottdraw(at)gmail com

  109. Puck would be Barney and then walk behind a little kid and suddenly spout, "i love you, you love me, we're all a happy family" and make the kid cry, or hug him
    Ash could really pull off that anime person, Sasuke Uchiha

    and im really late aren't i

  110. I think Puck would dress up as Ash and Ash would dress up as Puck- just to terrorise each other xD

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