Monday, October 18, 2010

Richmond signing

So, this past weekend, I headed up to Richmond, VA for a signing at Fountain Bookstore. It was awesome, and I met some really wonderful people and bloggers. To my chagrin, lots of pictures were taken (they steal my soul), so I figured I might as well share them. (Also, I cannot, for any reason, be serious in front of a camera. Just a warning before you see all the crazy pics.)

James of BookChic blog was there. He was awesome and I'm glad I finally got to meet him. (As shown by the random thumb in the photo.)

Me and Meaghan from A Bookworm's Haven, the imperious photo. :D

Me and Meaghan, the psychotic photo.

Me and Louise.


Me, Susan (the one who took most of the pictures and set this whole thing up), and the bookstore owner, Kelly (who is probably thinking: "oh, god, why did I agree to this?")

I did actually sign some books...

Before I was kidnapped. (Note: the person who snapped this lovely picture while I was being dragged off was my hubby. Thanks, Nick!)

Group photo. Geez, can I be any shorter? At least Monica was trying to not make me look like a dwarf. :D

And then we all went to pizza and stuffed ourselves silly. In other words, it was a fantastic time.


  1. Cool! I love the pictures, it makes you less of a ghost that writes amazing books and blogs. I wish you would come to Fort Collins!!

  2. I'm still mad at my hubby for not letting me fly out there! Haha. Glad you had fun and yay for the pictures!

  3. why don't I live in VA? GLOMP

  4. Yay pictures! Wish I was there. :D

  5. Oh, this is the disadvantages of living in another country. Woe is me.

  6. Oh, this is not the first I wish I live in the US.

  7. Awwwwww, looks fantastic! You should drop by Australia one day! ;)

  8. It was so good to meet you too!! :) Hopefully, we'll get the chance to hang out again in the future. Also, that pizza was delicious... MMMM. Anyway, so excited to have a signed Iron Daughter and I can't wait to read it. Oh and I put the Grimalkin rock on top of my ARC bookshelf. I'll have to take a picture of that for when I do my recap of the event, which will happen next Tuesday.

  9. such cute pictures, I love your book the Iron Daughter and saw that there was a free download for a novella, winter's passage but couldn't find a link. I can't wait for the next book in the series I love the way the story goes! Keep up the super fun writing! thanks for all you fantastic writing. Keep it up!!