Friday, February 8, 2013

Movie news!


*Breathes deep*

I know I've had a lot of NEWS to reveal lately, but I think this might be the most exciting yet.

You know that new series that got picked up by HarlequinTEEN?  The one that isn't written, or even titled yet?

It just got picked up by this little company called Universal Pictures.

Yep!  A MOVIE option!  From Universal!  In fact, this is what Hollywood Reporter said today:

Fantasy Author Julie Kagawa Sells New Book Series to Universal (Exclusive)

Chris Morgan, the writer of the "Fast & Furious" franchise, is on board to produce.
Universal has picked up an untitled young-adult book series proposal from fantasy author Julie Kagawa, with Chris Morgan attached to produce.

The supernatural story is set in a present-day coastal town where mythical creatures hide amongst us cloaked as humans. Slayers belonging to an order that dates back to St. George infiltrate the town disguised as out-of-town kids, setting up a confrontation and, as is the case with YA books, a love triangle.

The 104-page proposal was described as strong in execution. The deal went down late Thursday.
Harlequin TEEN-- in a seven-figure, five-book deal -- picked up book rights in January for its young-adult imprint. The first book is to be released in 2015.

Kagawa is a big name in the YA fantasy world. The Kentucky-based author is behind the fantasy series The Iron Fey, set in the realm of faeries, and Blood of Eden, a fairly new series centering on vampires set in a postapocalyptic future.

Morgan, who has a first-look producing deal with Universal, is best known as the writer of the studio’s Fast & Furious franchise and has Fast & Furious 6 opening May 24. He also wrote 47 Ronin, the Keanu Reeves samurai movie that opens Dec. 25. Chris Morgan Productions is also producing The Legend of Conan for the studio.

So yes, that is my uber exciting news!  What do you think?  And I'd love to hear your guesses as to what these mythological creatures are.  (Though I can say nothing yet, no hints or spoilers, sorry.)

A MAJOR thank you to all my readers and fans.  It's because of you that this could happen, and I'm so grateful for all your support!  And so excited for what is to come.

Thanks again.




  1. That is so amazing! Congratulations! I couldn't even fathom a guess on these creatures, but I am already overtly excited to read it.

  2. Congratulations Julie. I can't wait to see what it will be. Hmm, mythological creature, huh? Maybe Hydras. Or maybe not (too big ^^). Or half-bloods: children of gods and humans.

  3. Oh wow! That's FREAKING awesome Julie!! Congrats!!! Soooo cannot wait to read it! And then see it!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS JULIE! I'm so excited for you. Wow, and the book won't even come out until 2015? Looks like we'll be waiting quite awhile for this secret book series hits the shelves, let alone onto the big screen. I can't wait! :D

    Hmm....i think that these mystical creatures could be part demon or something. :)

  5. Congrats Julie! That's such awesome news. I am so very excited for you. I love watching your career grow! You deserve it all. You write such fantastic books!

  6. Reposting...b/c I forgot to say something...

    Congratulations!!!!! YAY!!!!! I'm so excited that my most favourite YA author is finally getting noticed from Hollywood! I have always thought your stories should be made into movies. I can picture them so vividly! TIF should have been optioned! And Blood of Eden got optioned, right?! I soooo cannot wait for this new series too! You have been a busy girl!!


  7. Congratulations!!! Major squee news! So very, very happy for you and can't wait to see how the new series turns out!

  8. I am happy for you but think I would like for them to do your iron series rather than unnamed one. Also... fast and furious guy?? Fingers crossed he does a good job with fantasy and can make wonderful movies too instead of the crappy douchbaggery that is fast and furious.

  9. I'm squealing... and bursting with squeals. I think I'm gonna turn into an airhead soon if I keep squealing. o-o

    Congratulations! :D I'm guessing *spooky voice* ALIENS....

    *leaves everyone to stare at me like I grew 3 heads... if there are any :p*

  10. Amazing! I'm happy for you Julie, really, but is there a chance The Immortal Rules will also be picked up for a movie deal?

    *praying* *praying* *praying* *praying*

  11. Oh my God, THIS. IS. AMAZING!!! I'm so excited!!! (Secretly hoping this might mean some Iron Fey movies on the long run... And maybe that they'll surprise me with some Kanin-candy too. Oh, wouldn't mind that...) Aaaaaaaah, this is going to be GREAT.

    Also, the mythical creatures, that depends on which mythology we are talking about.

    But OMG I don't care, you will have a new series and I'm dying here because 2015 is sooooo far away, but I love it already. The books I mean, not the wait.
    I'm so happy for you, for the movie, for more books, and in general because this made it worth creating a twitter account yesterday, otherwise I wouldn't have found this for a good while. Yaaaaaay!

  12. oh god this is so awesome *__* I will watch it definitely!

  13. This is AMAZING news! Congratulations, Julie! *--------*

  14. OMG unbelievable News ^_^ so excited für you :)CONGRATULATIONS *---*

  15. Maybe some Japanese Tengus or Bakenekos... As Eden said, it depends on the mythology :) And, once again, congrats!

  16. Congratulations Julie! That's such fantastic news and even though it's a long way off, I can't wait to read the new series (and *fingers crossed* watch the films as well!)

  17. Congrats Julie. Your books are awesome so the movie would have to live up to high expectations. As for the mythical creatures I would say dragons of some sort due to the St. George comment but that is just my opinion.


    Congrats :D


  20. Soo... Last night I was thinking about this while I tried to fall asleep... And this idea came to my mind... They could be Asgardians... That would be cool.

  21. Congratulations! Fantastic news, and I can't wait to read/watch it!

  22. Dragons or Unicorns . Haha . Proud of you JK. Im a big fan ^^

  23. YEAYYYYYY!!! Congratulations! So excited for you and all your fans. Honestly, I was sad when I saw that this wasn't happening until 2015 but I know good things come to those who wait. ;) ... and these things simply take time. Super oober excited- WOOT WOOT!

  24. OMG!!!! I can't believe this! Congrats! I'm so excited, but it breaks my heart that i have to wait till 2015, i mean 2015!!!! i don't know if i can wait, but i will do it anyway if it means i can read this amazing job i'm sure you will do. :D

  25. Really? Does there HAVE to be a love Triangle?

    Oh, I don't care. I have faith in your ability to do it RIGHT!!!!!
    I'm so excited that you're coming out with a new series, and that I'll get to read it!!!

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