Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some (Disgustingly) Cute Things

I seem to be on a roll here.  Yesterday, my tiny little sword charms that I ordered from Etsy arrived, so I felt compelled to make something out of them.  More on that in a minute, but here are my newest clay critteres.

Recreated my first dragon, who was black and orange. I'll be keeping him forever, but this little guy might be up for sale one day, if I ever get an Etsy shop up and running. Someday soon, I hope.

Someone challenged me to do a manticore, and I got to wondering if I could make a manticore cute.  Take a look below and see if I've succeeded.  Chibi manticore ftw. 

Glow in the dark unicorn.  Just because.

My favorite dragon so far.  He's "hovering" in the air by virtue of his tail, and boy did he take me a long time to make.  Everything about him was uber complicated, but he turned out pretty well, I think.

And finally.  Remember that disgustingly cute thing I was talking about on Twitter last night?  And remember those tiny sword charms?  Well, this is what came of it.  Beware, it makes me want to gag a little.  ;-)



I think Valentine's Day has affected my brain.  Now I need to go kill off a character in a book or something.


  1. I love it.. all... Ash and Megan is so cute... you're relly talent.. the manticore chibi is so cute...

  2. Ooh you took on that manticore challenge well it looks great. I'd love to see you create a chimera. Also that Ash/Meghan chibi is disgustingly cute lol :D

  3. AHH! Don't kill off anyone D: *really scared*

  4. FYI, if you do ever create an Etsy account, know that I would buy EVERYTHING! Especially any of these clay creatures! I love the dragons...and the unicorns...any everything...just so you know haha! :)

  5. These get more and more awesome with every update. I dont agree with Ash and Meghan being disgustingly cute, its just straight up cute. I would totally save up to buy things if you ever get an Etsy, be sure to let us know! Keep up the cute creations, I am anticipating the giveaway!

  6. The glow in the dark unicorn is my favorite in your new creations..
    Btw, don't go killing a character now Julie.. You'll get it right some time, :D

  7. Manticore--SO cute!

    I love the expression on that dragon.

  8. I'm sorry...but those are seriously...CUTE!!!!! Love them!! I can't wait till you open an Etsy store! I want a dragon, or unicorn...and maybe that disgustingly cute Meghan & Ash piece! ;)

  9. These are all just SO CUTE!!!! You MUST make an Etsy store!

    Also, how long does it take to make each of these? You have major skills! :D

  10. absolutely in love with your iron saga *__________* I was first like, OMG, another kitschy fantasy book but then I couldn't stop reading!
    greetz from Germany