Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still Clayin'

With all the excitement about the new series and the movie deal and the Kickstarter campaign, I haven't been able to post my newest clay critters.  Rest assured I am still claying away.  Here are my newest renditions, for those interested.

Still trying to perfect my phoenixes.  I think I'm happiest with this technique so far, which is simply to cover the entire body in feathers.  Cool effect, but dang it takes a long time!



Phoenix family!

More dragons

This big guy is Daedmond Blue Therror in his dragon form.  He is a character in my author friend's book, Dragonwings by D.C. Grace.  Y'all should check it out.
And lastly, for something completely different, a Kirin. 

That's it for now!  Still clayin' so keep checking back.  ;-) 



  1. I love the sparkley blue dragon!! It's adorable :D And so is the Red dragon guarding the treasure chest. Your artistic talent is amaazzzing! I'm soo jealous ;)

  2. The phenix family's so cute! And I love the dragon with the key, the red one and Daedmon Blue Therror. You're amazing, Julie.

  3. They're all fantastic. You really are talented :).

  4. Really beatiful :) Especially the sparkley blue dragon with the pink ball! He is fantastic *_* that´s inredible how you work with clay :)!

  5. Adore the green spotted 1 with the ball!

  6. i love this book its so amazing i can just keep reading them