Monday, March 3, 2014

Ask me Monday: Character gender and sexuality

Hi everyone!

So, today's question is an interesting one.  Normally I don't talk about potentially political or controversial issues, but this question has come up more than once now, and I feel it should be addressed.

  1. Um, so, I know you probably won't answer this one, but for the sanity of the Iron Fey fandom, would you please just tell us straight out the sexuality of all the characters? And... yep. That's all. I'm going to sit in the corner with all my gay ships now.
And also:

2.  Oooh, interesting question!! Characters I'm particularly interested in about their sexuality would be Kenzie, Glitch, Mab, Anwyl, Leanansidhe, Ethan, Ash, Puck, Meghan, Keirran and Rowan. PLS answer this one Julie!! :D

Okay.  I can tell you right now that the main human characters (Meghan, Ethan, Kenzie) are all straight.  It works for them, and it works for their personal stories in the series.  However, the faeries, the court fey especially, are a little different.  In the Iron Fey world, I based my faeries off the old mythology, where the fey are ancient, primal, non-human creatures who see mortals--all mortals--as toys and playthings.  Fey by their very nature are quite promiscuous, and to them, all humans are the same.  They are attracted to youth and beauty, regardless of gender, so they are just as likely to go after a pretty young boy as a girl, and vice versa.  To say that they are gay, bi, straight, etc. is to attach very human terms to the fey, when they are simply not human and don't understand such things.

Yes, some fey--Puck, Ash, Annwyl--fall in love.  But in this world, it is a very rare occurrence, and the faeries that do fall for a mortal still see only a human, not a male/female.  They just don't care about that.    

So hopefully that answers some questions.  If you have any comments or questions for future Ask Me Mondays, I'd love to hear them.  However, any rude, snarky, or trollish comments will be eaten by the gremlins.       




  1. I have a question about the ages of the fey…I kind of want to know who's older than who, even though i know that they're all super old. Puck is older than Ash, but what about the others? Is Grim older than Puck? Was Ariella? What about Glitch and Ironhorse?

    1. I am not sure, but I think Grim is first because he is a cat (I think I know what that means, I read this awesome fanfic Winter's Wrath) the second oldest is Puck (maybe Sage is older, probably will never know) then Ash, then Ariella, then either Ironhorse and Glitch then Meghan, or Meghan then the Iron Fey. The time runs differently so I really don't know. Hope at least half of this is correct.

  2. Is there anything (besides your stories) that you (for lack of a better word) "fangirl" over? Like other books, or shows, or movies? If there are, have they ever influenced your writing in anyway? I guess what I'm asking is, what do you like besides your stories?

  3. I have a question regarding Blue Chaos and that other unseelie dungeon place. How is the music played? they can't use modern technology like stereos, so do they have actual rock band people play?

  4. Ooh, and could you also tell us about the day Puck and Ash first met? That is something I've been wanting to know for a while.

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  6. AHHH I'M SO HAPPY THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING. Just a clarification: do you count Kierran as a human character or not? Also, does that mean that the sexual tension between Puck and Ash was intentional?

    Hopefully I'm not a bother...

    Thank you so much!

  7. Okay, this was interesting...
    Still, I agree with someone above. How did Ash and Puck meet?

  8. Sorry if this is a personal question, Ms. Kagawa, but how did you and your husband meet? Was it at kali or . . . ?

  9. Do you believe in young authors? By "young" I mean about 10-17. If you found a really talented young writer, and your schedule allowed you time to collaborate with them on a novel, would you?

  10. Mrs kawaga When ash was a full fairy without a sprit did he love meghan as much as he does now? Or is the feeling the fayris have a different feeling than humans or half feys have?

  11. You haven't done an Ask Me Monday for a while

  12. Well The last book from the iron fey serie was tge one Ash tells. I think it would be a great Idea to write a book about what meghan has done while this time bc. She got ironqueen and nobody knows really much about the characters from her book for example Glitch may Glitch started to feel something for meghan orso...I think it would be a great idea bc nobody knows pretty much about the iron feys

  13. I just wanted to ask if you were going to write another book from Meg's POV. I really love all the books and can't stop reading them over and over, but I tend to find them more interesting from Meg's POV... Hopefully you are thinking about it :)

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