Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Musings: The white clay lament

Changing Mondays up a little, I think.  Because of scheduling conflicts, I don't think I can do long Monday posts anymore.  Ask Me Mondays will now be Monday Musings, in which I will post whatever fun, random thing comes to mind.  Like today, I will do a small rant on the obnoxiousness of working with white clay.  Cue rant, now:

I keep asking myself why I continue to make white dragons. White clay is SUCH A PAIN to work with. Every teeny tiny speck of dust gets on it and its SO hard to keep clean. I have to stop every ten seconds to wash my hands, and clean the clay, and pick off the lint that sticks to it like a magnet. UGH. It's so obnoxious!  Why do I keep making white things?

But then, I end up with something like this.

And then I remembered something else.

This is a character from a story I wrote as a kid, long looooooooong ago.  I don't remember much, but there was a floating island that was a school for dragon riders--think Harry Potter with dragons--and a kitchen boy who was accidentally "chosen" to be the partner of a little white dragon.  I didn't even realize I was making the dragon in the story until he was nearly done.

And, like all characters, this little guy has a name.  Wanna guess what it is?  Bonus points if you get it right; its not a normal dragon-y name.  I'll tell you his name next Monday and see if anyone managed to guess.



  1. Tell me you didn't call him Fluffy!!
    It's such a beautiful lil piece, sure it's worth all that effort!!

  2. Hmmmm....Cloud or Snowy? I'm horrible with guessing. Iol :D
    Also, WOW. That's a really good dragon!

  3. I would have named him Sky....


  4. So cute, and I don't know why I'm thinking in Jay (yes, from Discovery Kids' show) jaja. Greetings from Venezuela.

  5. That's a beautiful dragon!! And as for the name, I'm not even going to guess because I have no idea :)

  6. Maybe it's ice. He's looks like something you'd find somewhere cold. Or ash. He's so cute! I can't wait to stalk your etsy store when you sell them again. I already set a reminder to get myself ready lol.

  7. He is so cute!!!! adorable!!
    i guess Snow ball or Yeti or Lumin or Dora or Draco or Cheese balls or cupcake... i dont know... :P

  8. Oh, it's totally Charles Sanders!

  9. Maybe winter, snow, cloud, or ice? Please don't say Marshmallow…

  10. Ruth maybe...if you grew up an Anne McCaffrey fan?

  11. I was thinking Marshmellow! hahaha

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