Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Jackal being Jackal

Welcome back to another Teaser Tuesday.  We're not far from the release of The Forever Song, AND the very cool Forever Song blog tour is also fast approaching.  Hope you'll stick around for that, it's going to be amazing.

Anyway, back to the teaser.  On Twitter, I asked who everyone would like to see this week: Allie, Jackal, or Kanin, and the answer came back almost unanimously Jackal.  So without further ado, here is a teaser of Jackal....being Jackal.


"Hey old man," Jackal called in a mocking voice, "you forgot to say 'if you kids don't stop I'm going to turn this car right around and then no one will go to Eden.'"


And, if you haven't yet, be sure to enter the Forever Song/chibi dragon giveaway for last week's Teaser Tuesday.  You still have about a week to enter.



  1. I love it! Jackal is awesomeee!

  2. There are no words to describe Jackal. He is without beyond a doubt, amazing.

  3. Love the teaser. <3 and loved the book :D Thank you for sharing Julie. But omg. I know nothing of the blog tour. SO JEALOUS. Wishing I could take part in it. <3

  4. I LOVE the originality of these books! I thoroughly enjoy all your characters, too - even Sarren and his psychosis. I would not mind a little teasing snippet from him...not at all ;)
    Do you happen to know when The Forever Song is likely to be released in Australia? I can't find the date anywhere and it is killing me! I figure probably May because that's when the others came out (Boo!! for being behind the times..) and that's just too dang far away.. In the meantime, I shall keep my fingers crossed that I win the giveaway... :)
    Thank you for an awesome read/getaway!
    PS: I truly adore your Dragons - I want to win the giveaway for the Dragon as much as for the signed book!! >.<

  5. Julia are you doing a hardcover trilogy of Blood of Eden series?
    If so please put it on you Blood of Eden page!
    I'm dying to get the box set!
    Love your work, you write my favourite series!

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