Friday, April 25, 2014

Dragon Friday: New Dragon Age

Happy Dragon Friday!

So, the new Dragon Age trailer released recently.  Many of you probably know that I am a HUGE Dragon Age fan.  (Sigh, Fenris. I love that broody elf.)  Watching the trailer, I was kind of like this:

And my thoughts/exclamations through the trailer went something like this:

"New Dragon Age! Yesssss!"
"Hey, I know that voice."
"Yup, she's still hanging around. AND as in your face as ever."
"Oooh, pretty magic."
"Who's the hooded chick?"
"Preeeety scenery."
"VARRIC!!!!!" *Commences kermit flailing.*
*Chills chills chills*
"Do I know any of these people? *Looks frantically for Fenris.* Nope. But hey, a Qunari."

Um, yeah.  Just like that.  And here's the trailer so you can see the pretty and flail for yourself.

What are your thoughts?  Gonna get it when it comes out?  Oh, and if you have played the first two, who do you hope to see again?  (Fenris Fenris Fenris. I might be a tad obsessed, lol.)



  1. Oh. Yes! I seriously need that! I was always an Alistair fan myself. I love him SO SO much. I flailed when he popped up in 2. And possibly girly screeched. I have to go back and play the second one again before this one comes out!

  2. I didn't know the game but it does look absolutely gorgeous and awesome. I'll see if I can buy it.

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  4. I didn't think I could love you any more. FENRIS <3 (He is the best background ever). I am hoping because my main Dragon Age 2 file ends with full Fenris Romance that he should appear again. I am sure I read somewhere about your previous two game story choices effecting everything?! Role on October the 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm sooooo excited about Inquisition! I want to see Sebastian again SO badly. Did he ever take back Starkhaven? I'm very excited about Vivienne and getting to romance Cullen. He better be a companion, too. I have no doubt we'll see Fenris, but he's not a companion this time. The bald elven man who is a companion is named Solas, and he's a mage. Very un-Fenris-y, lol.

    Varric and Cassandra are companions, Vivenne is a Circle Mage--very much a diva; there's a Tevinter Magister with a mustache, a bearded Grey Warden, a Cullen-look-a-like that might just be Cullen, a blonde elf girl, Iron Bull is the Tal Vashoth with an eye-patch, and Solas, the bald elf mage. I'm going to read Asunder to bridge the time gap between Dragon Age 2 and Inquistion. I think it introduces some characters that will be in the new game.

    No one expects the Dragon Age Inquisition! ^_^

  6. Mmmm.... characters voiced by Gideon Emery. I play Final Fantasy 14, and I found myself wishing that Urianger had far more voiced lines than he actually did. Balthier was a large part of what made FF12 enjoyable for me, too.

  7. I'm a Fenris fangirl too, I keep playing the game again and tell myself this time I should romance someone else, but no, once I hear that voice, I'm lost :)

    I hope he's in the new game. Even if he's not, the new one looks fantastic, I hope it won't just be battles though, I want some deep storylines as well.