Friday, April 4, 2014

Dragon Friday: top 8 movies with dragons in them

Welcome to Dragon Friday, where I yammer on about my favorite mythological creatures: dragons.  If you love dragons, you're in the right place.  Today, I count down my top 8 movies (movies, not series, GoT fans) with dragons in them.

Ready, then?  Here we go.

8.  Reign of Fire

Okay, so there were plot holes.  Big ones.  Ones you could hide a dragon in.  But for pure action, and for bad ass dragons that acted like bad ass dragons, you couldn't really ask for more.  The huge drake at the end was truly impressive, which is why this gets a spot on my favorite dragon movies list.

7. Sleeping Beauty

One word: Maleficent.  Arguably Disney's baddest villain.  This is what a dragon should be: big, scary, savage, nigh unstoppable.  Even today, the big black and purple dragon looms over Disney towers and makes appearances on live shows, television, and video games.  I cannot wait to see the new Maleficent movie, just because of the dragon.

6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Yes, Norbert was small and cute.  And the Gringott's dragon was awesome.  But my favorite was the infamous Hungarian Horntail, because he was the dragon that gave Harry a real challenge.  He was fast, vicious, spiky, and dangerous.  No cuddly dragon here.

5. The Neverending Story

Speaking of cuddly dragons.  I actually liked the book version of Falcor better than the movie, because he seemed more playful and dragon-y, but who wouldn't love a fuzzy white luck dragon with big puppy dog eyes? For pure nostalgia, Falcor was a staple of my childhood.

4. Mulan

"I am the great STONE dragon!"  Yeah, Mushu wasn't exactly huge or terrifying, but for pure attitude, he couldn't be bigger.  Proving not all dragons have to be gigantic to be awesome.

3. Dragonheart

Sean Connery as a dragon.  Um, yeah, that's just Win right there.

2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

You knew he was coming.  Yes, here is the king, the original flying, firebreathing lizard of doom.  Smaug is the perfect embodiment of all things dragon.  His size, his intelligence, his love of gold, his deep voice (Thank you Benedict Cumberbatch).  Is it wrong that, while watching both Hobbit movies, I was cheering on the dragon?  Admit it, you were as well.  ;-)

And my #1 favorite dragon movie of all time is...

1. How to Train Your Dragon

Well, this was easy.  Not only is it my #1 dragon movie of all time, it is one of my all time favorite movies period.  Who knew that a little black dragon with huge eyes and attitude would rocket into stardom as the world's most adorable dragon?  How many millions of moviegoers left the theater sad that they didn't have their own Toothless?

I know I was.

So those are my top 8 dragon movies!  Did yours make the list?  Who is your favorite movie dragon?  (And here's crossing fingers that, someday, the dragons of Talon will be featured in someone's "favorite dragons" list.)



  1. Yay! Looooove anything Disney, so Sleeping Beauty and Mulan are faves!! Wondering if we'll need to add Maleficent to the list once that comes out in May.

    Neverending Story and Harry Potter are also good ones! Of course Harry!

    Ooh what about the Shrek movies? There was a dragon in there, that ended up being Donkey's wife and they had little mutant dragon-donkey babies! So cute! ;)

    1. Aah, I forgot about the Shrek movies! Yes, I love Dragon. "I mean, of COURSE you're a girl dragon." Good one, should've put her in, too. :D

  2. I *love* How to Train Your Dragon and am absolutely dying to see the sequel!! ♥

  3. Maleficent is my favourite Disney villain, and one of my favourite dragons too. As a kid I thought she was terrifying.

    I don't know if many people liked the third Narnia movie, but I enjoyed it, and I liked Eustace-as-dragon.

  4. toothless!! I freaking LOVE that dragon! He is the most adorable dragon I've ever seen. :) And Maleficent is my favorite mean dragon >:)

  5. Good list, but no love for Dragonslayer? That one will always be among my favorites.

  6. Smaug with Benedict Cumberbatch's voice was brilliant! I spend the second movie waiting for the moment he came on screen!
    And How to Train Your Dragon was brilliant, and the Defenders of Berk series is super adorable too!!

  7. Gosh, Toothless is my most favorite dragon too! I loved that movie and have no idea how many times I've seen it!! :))

    Of course, Harry Potter had to be on that list. I respect you for that! I should also add that I liked the dragon in the last HP movie. Sure, his appearance was brief but he was a big meanie :)

  8. We LOVED Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon!! My son had a figure of him!! I also loved Eragon and, although this is more like a water dragon if there is such a thing, we loved Water Horse too!!

  9. I have a feeling we are going to love your dragons Julie! I already felt some empathy for the one in the teaser you included at the end of The Forever Song.

  10. The Hobbit and Harry Potter all the way!

  11. I love Harry Potter ATGOF!
    But Julie, isn't the Hungarian Horntail a she not he? I mean that was the reason why she was so defensive of the eggs... I love the Puck snippet you posted!

    1. You're probably right. Must've slipped my mind in all the awesome dragon chaos. ^__^ Also, thank you!

  12. Awesome list! I haven't seen all of these movies, but they're now on my must-see list!

  13. The best dragon for me was definitely in 'Dragonheart'. A dragon with Sean Connery's sexy voice.. Boy that's just amazing. If every dragon would sound like that everybody would love dragons! LOL!
    And although I'm a huge Harry Potter fan I really liked 'How to train your dragon' next. I mean seeing that movie just makes you want a dragon as a pet.

  14. I've only ever watched How to Train Your Dragon (MY ABSOLUTE FAVE!!), Mulan (I love Eddie Murphy!), Sleeping Beauty (my fave Fairytale), Harry Potter (fave HP book too)! I have yet to watch Hobbit 2, yes I know, even though Benedict Cumberbatch voiced it.

    I love Toothless so much and I can't wait for Part 2 in a few months time!

  15. Hi Julie,
    I also loved Tootles :)
    I can't wait for HTTYD 2 :D:D

  16. i don't need to wait for the dragons of talon to come out for them to be on my favourite dragon's list! and toothless is absolutely adorable!!!

  17. First of all, I must say the list is awesome and I'll watch the few movies you mentionned and I didn't see yet. And I believe your dragons will be number one in my list once I see them ;)

    My favorite was Smaug. Of course. I just couldn't wait to see him. During the movie, I was like: "Oh, Legolas, I love you. But please, hurry up and let Smaug make his appearance." XD And I think it's the first time I loved the movie version more than the novel version. He's so gorgeous, especially when covered with molten gold. And that voice... Yeah, totally my favorite dragon.

    As for Mushu... I just love that little guy. Nothing else to add.

    Also, like Michelle B, I loved Saphira in Eragon though the movie in itself was a huge disappointment for me -- not because of the cast (I love the guys *o*) but because of what they did with the plot. She's a dragon who, much like the two I previously mentionned, makes me smile though, unlike Smaug, she isn't evil. I would have loved to see Galbatorix's dragon. But it seems that's not going to happen *sigh*

    May I add the Ikrans and Toruks from the Avatar movie, though, technically speaking, they're not dragons?

  18. Ooooh, those are definitely awesome dragons! i also liked the dragon from Mirror Mirror too! :D