Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Musings: Ending a series

So, tomorrow The Forever Song is released upon the world.

The last book of the Blood of Eden trilogy.  The End.  The final adventure.  This is only the second series I've completed (the first since the original Iron Fey, if you can believe it), and people always ask me how it feels saying goodbye to a series.  I've worked with these characters for many months, agonized over their actions, been inside their heads for a very long time.  How does it feel, knowing you have to leave them behind and move onto something new?

For me, ending a series makes me both happy and sad.  Sad because, yes, I will miss them.  I've been a part of Allison's life since the beginning.  I've watched her evolve from a jaded, cynical street rat to a fierce, bloodthirsty vampire, to finally the person she is today.  I've watched her with Zeke, Kanin, Jackal and everyone, and I feel like I know them all, inside and out.  And it was tough, ending this series, knowing the outcome of one of their stories.  I cried writing that scene.  I can't say which one.  You'll know it when you get there.

But all good things must come to end, and I'm happy that I could give Allison and co. the finale they deserve.  I'm also proud that I actually finished a story arc, beginning to end.  Sometimes when writing a series, it feels like you'll never finish, that you'll go on forever with these characters and never have any resolution.  It's a relief to know they got their ending, and that--whether happy, sad, or somewhere in between--you were able to take them through an incredible adventure to those final two words, The End.

And as for Allison and the Blood of Eden series, I'm content with where I left them. I  hope that when readers turn the final page, they'll feel as I do: sad that its over, but content in knowing the story of vampires, rabids, humans and monsters couldn't have ended any other way.

The Forever Song is out tomorrow!  Grab your copy  to read Allie's last adventure for yourself.  =)



  1. I'm going to cry too. I know it.

  2. Having read an ARC, I think I know which scene you mean... even if quite cried with a lot of scenes in the book! Your muse must be quite well fed after this book!

  3. I am so torn between wanting to read it, because i want to know what happens, and not wanting to read it, because then it'll be over. and i feel like that there will be rivers of tears when i finish it…

  4. I don't want , that this triologie ends ... ok at the beginnong of reading I knew, that it's a triologie ... but it is so difficult for me to say goodbye!!!

  5. How is it that the book comes out on April 15 yet I was able to purchase it on April 13 at Walmart?

  6. Started reading it this morning. I wish I could just shove it in my brain and have read it in three seconds, but then I want to savor it. Goodbyes are so hard ;_;

  7. More than one scene brought tears to my eyes, but I was pleased with the ending. And no pressure or anything, but don't you think a certain character in this one deserves his own series?

  8. I know ima cryyyyy. I cant

  9. Having read the arc twice, I definitely agree with you Julie. Sad it's over and we say good-bye. I loved these guys. And happy and content for how you ended it. Although I don't know if I can forgive you for making me cry too. That hurt! I'd still be totally on board if you wrote a spin-off or continued if you felt one or more characters were screaming at you that they have more story to tell but can live with how you ended it. Totally I said, I read it twice, I loved it that much!

  10. I just finished reading the book and... Oh Julie, you sure can be a nasty girl. I know our tears feed yor mse but, please! I cried a lot. I can't say I'm too happy with you for a few things (you know what scenes I'm talking about), but the end was so great I'll forgive you. Just this once, eh! ;) And I agree with Michelle B for a spin-off :D

    And thanks for the Talon excerpt. I can't wait to read it.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for this incredible adventure, Julie and, Allie, I wish you the best for the future.

    Nanou-chou (still French and still sorry for possible mistakes).

    1. By the way, do you have any book you'd recommend? I tend to read them too fast and yours was the last I had. (I do write for Julie, but anyone can answer.)
      Thanks for the series, again.


    2. Hi again. i wanted to say, do you have any book you'd recommend? I tend to read them a little too fast and the Forever Song was my latest one (I just finished another one *sigh*)

  11. Julie Kagawa if you do read this I want to say thank you for waiting the blood of eden books . I have enjoyed reading them from the first to the last . I am sad to hear that is the last of them I loved the story of Allie and the people in it and the story behind it .it made me happy just reading them these are the kind of story's I like to read.
    It would be great to hear the story behind Kanin and jackal's life on there own view. maybe a story of there own .
    I am new to reading books I couldn't read a first page at point but I got there I started to get the reason why people read them and it made me want to read more and so I kept buying books and then your book popped up i saw it on my phone so i read the first and the second and now the last book and so thank you again i really enjoyed reading them
    i really do hope i see a book about one of the people in it and about vampires again (kanin or jackal).
    sorry my writing is not very good i hope you under stud what i wrote

    thank you