Friday, April 11, 2014

Dragon Friday

Hey all!

So today for Dragon Friday, I have the pics of the dragons that will be going up in the Etsy store tomorrow, Saturday at noon, EST.  Linkie to Etsy store below.

Etsy shop.

Some of the dragons up tomorrow will be:

This guy was fun to work on.  He makes me laugh now.  That tongue!  I tried several different ways to get it right, before I finally figured it out.  He's very much enjoying his lollipop.  ^__^

Little dragon guarding his treasure chest.  The chest is removable, both pieces are separate from each other. The chest is also made of clay, and has shiny bits of coin and treasure inside.

Fiery magma dragon.  He's actually my favorite of the bunch and turned out even cooler than I thought he would.  Will have to make more like him in the future.

This fuzzy little guy again.  I lamented about the impossible-ness of white clay earlier, so I won't bore you again.  Oh, and for those curious, his name in that book I wrote as a kid was Rune.

All the dragons going up tomorrow.  The little yellow guy isn't done yet; he needs eyeballs and glaze, but I like how he turned out.  He looks like a lemon drop. There's also a Forever Song book dragon in there, too.  

Oh, and don't forget to enter the TALON cover reveal contest in the post before this one!  You can win a signed Forever Song and a little clay dragon if you guess the cover, which will be revealed Tuesday, April 15th!  Exciting stuff!

Which one is your favorite?

Happy Dragon Friday!


  1. Well, , that's really difficult to decide ... the blue dragon , the fuzzy one and the Forever Song-dragon , I think ... yes-these three dragons are TOO cute to be real♡♡♡

  2. OOoh I likey!! Going to be stressful trying to buy one of these guys!

  3. I love the purple one!
    I was expecting to see some Easter egg dragons! :(

    I like the yellow one too!

  4. Bummer, tomorrow I'm not gonna be home to try my luck and the fastness of my fingers! =(

  5. It's a pity I don't have the money to buy these little guys. Well, at least, I still get to see them.

    My favorites? The blue one, the purple and ochre one, the Forever Song one (of course), the dark green and the live green ones.

    Kisses Julie,

    Jenasthia, aka Nanou-chou.

  6. Hello,
    (I already chose my favourite dragons (first comment:-P), but I've got a question...)
    How much does a "normal" dragon costs ... everytime I'm looking in your store-the dragons are sold out and I can't see the prizes :'(
    PLEEESE answer me or every other one who knows it :-)

    1. The dragons usually run around 30 each, sometimes more depending on the complexity and how long it took me to make them. :)

    2. So 30 Dollars or Euros ...?
      Sorry , I've got a small black-out because YOU were answering ME !
      I must calm down and *breath*!:-D

    3. So 30 Dollars?;-)

  7. I'm am stalking your etsy as we speak. I want that little white guy. He has stolen my heart. Your awesome to create these. I have loved dragons forever so I can't wait for Talon!!!!

  8. Holy dragon babies! That was the craziest shop I've ever been too. By the time I entered my cc it was gone. I'm so glad I got little lemon drop although Rune has stolen my heart. Thank you for these. I've been looking to start a collection for ever and these are perfect not badly priced either.

  9. By the time I entered my cc, they were all gone. Hoping I have better luck next time, so please keep making these Julie! They are beyond awesome! :)

    1. Yeah, it is crazy how quickly they go. I'd actually recommend having your account set up with all your info beforehand, I think that is something you can do with Etsy. Will make more soon, and thank you! :)

  10. I've never read the series that Forever Song is in (since I'm not into vampires) but the Forever Song dragon is my fave!

  11. I tried really hard, but rune was gone before PayPal popped up and the treasure chest dragon was gone right after PayPal popped up. Are you going to do another sale in three weeks? Are you ever going to make another iron king dragon, or maybe a dragon that is holding the book with iron king and iron daughter, the one with the full on face shot? Also, it might be cool if you occasionally put up one dragon in the middle of the week without telling, so some random person who randomly checked your etsy would say "oh my god!" And buy it:D it would also make people check in more often so they're more excited on saterday.