Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy St. George Day

Happy St. George Day!

April 23rd is St. George Day, and for those not in the know, St. George is England's patron saint, most famous for the slaying of a dragon.  In the tales, St. George rode out to battle an evil dragon that had been terrorizing a town by eating their children (or their young women, in some versions).  The valiant St. George killed the monstrous dragon, saved the princess from its claws, and peace reigned once again.

And so the legend lives, but the war between dragons and St. George is far from over.

Now, dragons walk through the world in human form, and the Order of St. George still exists, though in secret, to eradicate their ancient foes and protect humanity.  They've evolved with the times; they've traded swords for guns, horses for helicopters.  They are no longer knights, but soldiers, working together as a unit, quick and lethal.  They come from different walks of life, but their mission remains ever the same.

Destroy all dragons, no matter what the cost.

The final battle between dragonkind and the new Order of St. George begins this October.  Who will emerge victorious?  Who will become extinct?  You'll have to wait for Talon to find out.

Happy St. George Day!


  1. Wooo first comment!

    I wish everyone a happy St George day!!!
    ... There must be a Talon-Dragon day!!!:-D

  2. This has gotten me really excited to read to this book now.

  3. Oh Julie. Now i'm DYING to read Talon!

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    1. Pretty picture; that's what captured my attention, at first. Then I thought: wait! St George? Gosh, can't wait to watch/read Talon

  6. Okay, you MUST stop writing stories that appeal to everything I hold dear/fascinating/love. Stop it. Bad author. Julie, this sounds unbelievably good!

  7. The more I see and read about Talon the more impatient I grow to get to read it!
    So excited!

  8. I can't wait to read it! This is brilliant!

  9. I
    I can't wait!! I love all Julie's books! All of them are my favorites! Talon will be one of them soon!! Kyaa~

  10. So excited! I cant wait! I am going to love it!

  11. I sooooo cannot wait for this! I know it's going to be EPIC!

  12. I loved both the iron fey and the blood of eden, i love the writing style and i LOVE dragons, this is going to be the BEST book EVER!

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