Thursday, October 22, 2009

I, ninja

If you didn't know, I am a ninja.

No, really, I am. Don't believe me? Here are the reasons why.

1. I'm half-Japanese
2. I know how to say "I'll kill you!" in Japanese.
3. I own several katana. (And some ninja stars.)
4. I'm a huge fan of Naruto, and I think Sasuke is way sexy.
5. I can turn into a log.

So, anyway, the point of this post is to say that Liyana is holding an awesome ninja contest on her blog, and giving away cool ninja merchandise.

So if you fancy yourself a ninja-in-training, hop on over and enter.

Oh, and by the way, ninjas are WAY cooler than pirates!

*Turns into a log*


  1. I must disagree - Pirates own ninjas any day!

  2. I'm only a fan of the Naruto slash fan fiction and dojins. I read the first few chapters of the manga and thought it was lame. But Sasuke and Naruto good?

    Anyway, you go with your awesomeness. I request video of you + katana.

  3. I think I just piddled my pants. That was hilarious. "full of viruses" vs "sleek package"? Naaaauuuughhhttyy!

    BTW, you would have loved my dream the other night. I was totally fighting people with a katana, and I kicked some MAJOR ass. I also had a dragon. *cough*

  4. I agree with you on Sasuke and think yo should checkout this character called Fang from Maximum Ride because he is a level A+ in boys.

    Thank you! Ash4ever!