Friday, October 23, 2009

A Very Faery Interview with Ravenous Reader

Ravenous Reader Interview
Another Very Faery Interview (getting tired of them yet?), this time with the hungry Ravenous Reader from A Lush Budget Production. Okay, guys, you know the drill: the characters from THE IRON KING—Meghan, Ash, and Puck—will ask the questions, and hopefully not scare our poor blogger to death. Okay, you three, its all yours.

Meghan: Okay, here we go. So Nancy, inquiring minds want to know: how did you get into blogging, and why? How long have you been at it, and is there anything you wished you did differently when you started?

RR: Hiya! *waves hello* Before I get started I wanted to say thank you, for wanting to interview little ole’ me  I began blogging a few years ago and on occasion I would review some of the books that I would read. My BFF knew that I read a lot of books and asked me if I had a book that my twelve-year-old godchild might enjoy. The only YA books that I had read at the time were those of the Twilight Saga. I gave her my books and within a few days she had read them all and wanted more. I really had no idea where to go from there so I went to many bookstores and began checking out YA book blogs and review sites for some guidance. I soon had a plethora of books of which I began to read for my own enjoyment. That interest combined with my blogging was the jumping off point for me to begin my YA book blog. And so I created A Lush Budget Production: Tales of a Ravenous Reader blog and now I am here  Meeting wonderful authors and readers alike. I totally love it.

As for doing things differently, I totally cringe at some of my earlier posts but think it is all part of the growing process. I constantly evolve and change things, trying to find a balance that pleases me and those that visit my blog. It has been an interesting ride and I hope to keep changing and getting better as time passes.

Puck: Ravenous Reader, huh? So, what would you do if all your books suddenly attacked and tried to eat you? (Not that I’d have anything to do with it.) Would you spare them because they were books, or would you torch them all?

RR: Yikes!! I would probably run screaming and try to figure out a way to save myself and my books. While the temptation to destroy them would be strong I could never cause them any harm. I adore my books to much. I treat them like my they’re my babies. So no roasting parties with my beloved books.

Ash: I sense a theme in eating coming up. *Shakes head* Anyway, what are some of your favorite books and authors? What kind of book do you prefer; fantasy, contemporary, ect.?

RR: Where do I begin? I have so many books that I love. I am a big paranormal/fantasy fan but in the last few months I have developed an appreciation for contemporary novels. I am a huge sucker for an amazing story that has a romantic edge to it, ahhh romance.
My favorite reads, hmmm…boy this is going to be hard I will give my top five in each and in no particular order.
Authors: J.R. Ward, Kristin Cashore, Melissa Marr, Libba Bray and Suzanne Collins
Books: The Hunger Games, Graceling, City of Glass, New Moon and Rebel Angels

Meghan: Do you have any pets? And if you don’t, what kind of pet do you wish you had?

RR: I have quite a few pets, first of my precious Pomeranian named Liberty, she was born on 9/11. Then I have 3 Cats named Smokey, Ash and Tazzy. Last but not least a white dove named Blanca

Puck: Haha, hey Ash, you’re a kitty cat.

Ash: *Ignores*

Puck: What’s your favorite reading snack? Also, if you suddenly had to eat ONE THING for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

RR: My favorite reading snack is TWERPS a fabulous candy of yumminess that is being discontinued.  Thank goodness that my absolute favorite food that I could eat for the rest of my life is Pizza. I love the stuff and it is not going anywhere except my tummy.

Ash: If you could learn anything you wanted—a skill, a language, a particular secret—what would it be?

RR: I wish that I could speak any language so that I could be able to communicate with anyone. My job requires me to interact with some people that do not speak English and I would love to assist them better. I also think this gift would greatly help me when I would travel. I would never have to rely on someone else to assist me.

Meghan: Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows.

RR: That you can open any book that I have read and get a glimpse into my life. I always leave the receipt inside the book and then any event that I attended during the course of reading that book. i.e. movie tickets, book marks, BART pass, playbill are all safely tucked inside. They why’s about this custom I have truly no idea, but it gives me a sense of comfort when I re-open a book and can see a bit of a memory coming back to me.

Puck: Okay! There are three doors. Behind door number one is a man-eating unicorn. Behind door number two is a starving werewolf. Behind door number three is a swarm of hungry Cornish pixies. You have to pick a door to open, but you get to choose any weapon you want. Sooooo … which door do you open, and what will you take into battle?

RR: Yowza! This question is a doozie. What door to choose? A Unicorn, werewolf and pixies and they all seem hungry. Not a very promising scenario, but I think I might go for the man-eating unicorn behind door number one because I am a woman and thus the Unicorn would not have any interest in eating me. Right??? *fingers crossed* As for a weapon, I believe that I would want a shield that was strong enough to block any horned attacks in case my theory of man-eating and not woman-eating unicorns proved incorrect.

Ash: You’re facing a Zombie Apocalypse. The undead are beating down your doors and you must flee to safety, but can only take three things with you. What are they?

RR: Having just seen Zombieland I would want to have
1) My favorite pair of Nike shoes (CARDIO)
2) A loaded gun (don’t forget the double tap) not that I condone the use of guns, but when you are being hunted by flesh eating humans your priorities and ideals kinds change, ya know.
3) Twinkies. I love my sugar and I would need to keep up my strength.

Author: Thank you, Ravenous Reader, for being here today. You’ve been a great sport. Is there anything you would like to ask Meghan, Ash, or Puck?

RR: Well thank you for having me over. I have truly enjoyed the experience. Before I go I would like to know if any of you know how to cast a spell that would suck a character right out of my TV set? I seem to have a mad crush on Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. I know it is dangerous considering what an evil fanger he is but if he could learn to play nice I think I could bring him home to meet the rents 

Puck: Ooooh, I’ve never thought of that before. I wonder …

Author: Don’t EVEN think about it, Puck.

Thanks for the interview! 
*curtsies* Thank you!!