Thursday, October 8, 2009

Interview with Grimalkin

Recently, I was interviewed by the wonderful Sharon of sharonluvsbooksandcats, but I wasn't the only one. She also interviewed Grimalkin, the clever, favor-collecting cat from my book THE IRON KING. (I had to promise Grimalkin a favor to get him to do it.) Interview is as follows:

Welcome to my very first cat and author interview post. For my very first catterview I would like to welcome young adult author Julie Kagawa and the cat from her debut novel The Iron King, Grimalkin. To learn more about Julie and her debut novel check out her website.

This is how Julie described Grimalkin to me:

Grimalkin: Big, longhaired gray cat with golden eyes. He's actually a Cait Sith (pronounced cat shee), which is a type of faery cat. He can be somewhat condescending and arrogant, and thinks cats are vastly superior to anything else. His favorite trick is turning invisible (much like the Cheshire Cat), and has the habit of vanishing abruptly when you're not looking. He looks out for himself, and will not put himself in danger if he can help it, but he knows more about Faeries and Faeryland than almost anyone. But his help usually comes with a price; Grimalkin is big on collecting favors, and has many, many creatures who owe him something.
Other than that, he is a normal cat. He likes napping in the sun, chasing small creatures, and other feline activities. Don't try to pet him, though, or you might recieve a swat.


1. Describe a typical day in your life in five sentences or less.

Grimalkin: *Yawn* I wake up. I eat. I sleep. I contemplate the state of the universe and then sleep some more. I snack. Sometimes, if I am feeling devilish, I will even consider a nap. Exciting life, is it not?

2. Do you have any other Cait Sith pals, or are you a solitary cat?

Grimalkin: I do not have “pals,” human. And I find my own company vastly superior to anyone else's.

3. What is your favorite thing to eat?

I am rather partial to freshly caught piskie. If you can get past the piskie dust and stringiness, they are surprisingly tasty. I have always wondered what Tinker Bell would taste like.

4. Can I please adopt you?

*Snorts* Adopt? As in, claim ownership of me? What a ridiculous notion; no one can own a cat. I will consider an application of servitude, however, if your credentials pass inspection.

5. Do you think that you could beat the Cheshire Cat in a fight?

Please. Where do you think Lewis Carroll got the idea for the Cheshire Cat? I found him wandering around Faerie one day in a daze, about to be eaten by ogres, and led him back to the mortal realm. In return, he put me in a book. Crazy mortal.

And now, it is time for my nap. Goodnight, human. If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask my human over there. She will take notes.


1. Describe a typical day in your life in five sentences or less

Wake up. Check email. Get breakfast. Check Twitter, contemplate writing. Bang head on desk, plead with characters to do something interesting, stare into space, check email, write a few sentences, erase what I just wrote, sigh, rinse and repeat.

2. Are you glad that Grimalkin is just a fictional cat, or would you like to adopt him too?

Oh good god. He would drive me insane. And I'd be in debt up to my eyeballs, trying to meet his demands. He could probably take over the world, if wasn't such a hassle.

3. Do you think that you could beat Grimalkin in a fight?

Grimalkin doesn't fight, but he does have “friends” that owe him a favor. (dragons, trolls, goblins, ect.) I wouldn't want to risk it.

4. Can I adopt you please? ;)

Just provide me with Arbys and an unlimited supply of Mountain Dew and I'll be happy.


  1. Hi Julie :)
    I loved the cat interview.
    I commented over at Sharon's site too.
    It was fun to read.
    All the best,

  2. The cat interview is clever - and totally Sharon.