Friday, October 30, 2009

NaNo Wrimo and unicorns

Well, I did it. I signed up for NaNo this November. I don't know why this fills me with a looming sense of dread; I did NaNo a couple years back and got a published book out of it, so that alone should tell me I might be onto something. I suppose its because I went all official and signed up on NaNo's official website. The other time I just picked the month of September and did my own personal little NaNo month, where the only ones who knew were my agent and husband. Being an official participant is so much more ... official. I'm being pressured to perform by thousands of other Wrimos who are writing their novels and doing so much better than me, ahhhhhhh!

I know, I know. It shouldn't be any different than before. Perhaps its the amount of NaNo talk on Twitter thats getting me all aflutter. Perhaps I should stop playing around online and just focus on my writing. Perhaps I shouldn't listen to the Twitter talk and lock myself away in a safe isolated bubble until Christmas.

And perhaps unicorns will burst in my door, wave their magic horns, and complete my novel for me.


  1. That'd be lovely if some unicorns came and did my novel for me!

  2. You can do it, Julie! *shakes pom poms*

  3. Your artwork is wonderful Have you ever heard of ponyboys or ponygirls? Many creatures are around, but they just take a different form sometimes...

    shawna_1976 at yahoo