Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Very Faery Interview with Liyana of Liyanaland

A Very Faery Interview with Liana from Liyanaland

We’re back again, with a YA blogger that comes to us from the far reaches of Singapore! Please welcome Liyana from Liyanaland, who has graciously agreed to be the next victim/volunteer for a round of insane questioning by Meghan, Ash, and Puck, the characters from THE IRON KING. (Liyana, the panic button is by your left foot, just in case)

Hi Julie! Thanks for having me here. I’m not sure if I can reach that panic button, this armor, I meant protection, I MEANT SUIT, is pretty clunky. Lemme try. *stretches, panic button goes off* Whoops! Whoa, is that supposed to happen?

Puck: Huh. The lazer beams were a nice touch.

Meghan: Hi Liyana. Wow, you live in Singapore? How intriguing. Are there any cool, exotic places in Singapore you’ve been to? Or some you would like to visit?

Hi Meghan, it’s great to finally meet you! You know, after living in Singapore all these years, the cool, exotic places just don’t seem that cool anymore. One place I love to visit is Clarke Quay. There’s the Merlion, riverboats, hot guys on riverboats, the sun, river, shopping malls all around… ooh.

Let's go down to the riverside, it's an unforgettable sight
To see the sunrise on a faraway isle, turning darkness into light

Puck: Selamat Datang, Lianna. Apa Khabar? Di mana tandas?
Author: I don’t think she speaks Malay, Puck.
Puck: No? *consults Malay dictionary* Saya minta maaf.
Author: PUCK!
Puck: Okay, okay. Liyana, if you could suddenly understand and communicate with one type of animal (dogs, cats, chickens), what would it be?

Puck, saya faham Bahasa Melayu! (I understand the Malay language… in Malay. LOL)*hi fives* I’d love to be able to communicate with my hamsters and find out what they mean when they’re looking at me with those big googley eyes. Or maybe that’s just what they mean. O.O

Ash: When did you first get into blogging, and why? What has been the best and worst part of blogging?

In March this year. It’s due to my huge TBR list that just seemed to be increasing. Talking about books has always been fun, so I just decided to open up an actual blog to yap about them! The best part is writing what you feel about the books, which can be construed as the worst part too, especially when you think of authors getting hurt by harsh reviews.

Meghan: What are some of your favorite books, authors, and genres? Do they get the same books in Singapore as they do in the States?

One of my favourite YA series is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It has a kickass, badass heroine. As for genres, I love paranormal and fantasy. Reading about something that doesn’t seem to exist (…or does it? Jeng jeng jeng!) in real life is really the best part for me.

For books sold in Singapore, the range is not as wide, and they’re usually sold sometime after its release date, but at least they’re being sold here!

Puck: Okay, Liyana, I’m going to throw out a series of words, and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind. And then I will tell you something about yourself. Got it? Here we go.
Blue: Pink
Socks: Furry!
Rain: Mist
Scary: Movie 3
Winter: Clean, white snow.
Furry: Hamsters
Vampire: Diaries
Favorite: Character
Puck: You? :P

Puck: Huh, I was hoping to get a Puck: Handsome. Or maybe a Puck: Sexy. Or a Puck: Incredibly charming devilish rake who I would love to meet for a virgin daiquiri later to—ow! *Rubs head, glares at Meghan.*

Meghan: I saw that bottle of faery wine you snuck in here, Puck. Don’t even think about it.

Ash: If you could learn one skill, regardless of time or money, what would it be?

It’d have to be wakeboarding. Or horse-riding! Whoo hoo! *gets on a horse and twirls cowgirl hat*

Meghan: If you were suddenly sucked into a book, which book would you choose and what would you do in the story?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’d probably be the one making harry lost in the maze. *snickers*

Puck: Someone has given you a time-travel device, but it can only be used once: one trip into the future or past, and back again. What do you use it for?
I can’t think of anything right now, so I’ll just save it until I find a use for it sometime in the future. :D

Ash: The Zombie Apocalypse has come. The undead are filling the streets in hordes and you must flee to safety, but can only take three things with you. What are they?

1) Ash, you can use a sword right? I know you’re not a “thing” but can I bring you?
2) A flamethrower that will never run out.
3) (My loved ones shrunk to Barbie doll size in) A suitcase full of tiny holes.

Author: Thanks, Liyana for the interview. Before we go, is there anything you’d like to ask Meghan, Ash, or Puck?

Who do you think will win in a deathmatch: Julie or Puck?

Puck: Oh, that’s easy! I’d just change her into a mouse, then change myself into a cat. End of story.

Author: Sorry Goodfellow. Those rules don’t apply to your creator. I know all your weaknesses.

Puck: Ah, hate to break it to you, but this guy called Willy Shakespeare made me famous loooong before you came along. Even you don’t know all my tricks.

Author: Don’t tempt me. I brought you into this world, I can take you out again.

Puck: Bring it on, chica.

Author: Oh, that’s it. WHERE’S MY KATANA?

Ash: *To Meghan and Liyana* My money’s on katana girl.

Meghan: I’ll get the popcorn.


  1. Hi Julie & Liyana :)
    Thank you Julie Kagawa for another fun & insightful interview!
    Thanks to Liyana for sharing.
    I really enjoyed learning about you.
    All the best,

  2. A katana! Those things are so badass. xD

    I love these interviews! Can I be interviewed as well?! :D

  3. That was sooooo good! ROTFLMAO!!! Julie and Puck arguments are priceless. "I'll get the popcorn!" :)lolololz

  4. W00t for the katana! D; hope Puck doesn't get his butt kicked to badly.

  5. JULIE!! r u going to post anymore interviews? and technically, are ash and meghan 2gether yet?

  6. malay in your blog? wow! i'm one of your fan of your series from malaysia and are quite surprised that there are malay words in your blog. Wow, sungguh, saya tidak percaya;)

  7. Can you post anymore interviews, ms kagawa?

  8. Can you post anymore interviews, ms kagawa?

  9. Wow! GO JULIE!! *cheers in the background*

  10. I love how you developed these characters so well! I also love how natural you make such unnatural characters. Can you write more of these soon? I love these interviews!