Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great Faery Faceoff--halftime

Monday, Monaday...

Well, we're a week into the Team Ash/Team Puck Faceoff, and here's how things stand:

Ticket to Anywhere

Ash: 33 votes
Puck: 12 votes
Grim: 1 vote
Undecided: 2 votes

The Book Cellar

Ash: 32 votes
Puck: 11 votes
Grim: 1 vote
Undecided: 2 votes

So, on the Team Ash captain's blogs, Ash is clearly dominating. But its a different story on the Team Puck blogs.

WORD for Teens

Ash: 16 votes
Puck: 18 votes
Grim: 2 votes
Undecided: 3 votes

Page Turners

Ash: 20 votes
Puck: 16 votes
Grim: 2 votes
Undecided: 5 votes

So, Ash is the clear winner for now, but there is a week left to vote, so Puck could still make a remarkable comeback. Don't forget about all the cool prizes you could win by showing your love! The Team captains can tell you all about it.

Team Ash
Gail: Ticket to Anywhere
Erica: The Book Cellar

Team Puck
Nicole: WORD for Teens
Stacy: Page Turners

Puck still has a chance. He's always been the underdog, and he's scrappy. But he needs your help to win. OR you could vote Team Ash and bury him completely. Its all up to you.

Also, it seems The Iron King is a finalist in the Debut Author Book Battle at The Shady Glade Go check it out; it looks very cool!


  1. Yayyyyy the right man is in the lead! Ha! Go Ah :)

  2. ^ Too right Eleni!!!!

    Team Ash captains, I think it's time we enabled Plan "Leave-Puck-In-The-Dust" :D

    Go Ash, Gooooooo!!!!! :D

  3. NOOOOO!!!! Puck, Puck, all the way! Ash is cool, but Puck is the MAN.

  4. This is so fun! How did I not know this was going on?

    *cheers for Team Ash*