Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

*Blinks* 300 followers? When did that happen? Not that I'm complaining; THANK YOU wonderful followers, for...um...following me!

Now, onto Teaser Tuesday...

I believe someone wanted a teaser with Ash last time I did this. Okie-dokey then, one Ash teaser, coming right up. :D

“What she did to me was bad enough.” Ash’s silver eyes glittered as he turned back, cold as the moon overhead. “What she made me do, I will never forgive. If I am discovered, I will at least create a big enough distraction for you to slip in and grab the scepter.”

“You could die!”

“It doesn’t matter now.”

*coughMwahahacough* Until next time...


  1. ICANTWAIT! I CANT WAIT! I CANT WAIT! till Iron Daughter! I love this teaser, it only makes me want the book now all the more...

  2. OMG, you're going to kill me till August!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASH!!!!!!!!! :D

    But...no, Ash, don't go on a suicide mission! :P LOL, gotta love it.

    Great teaser Julie, thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. DON'T DO THIS TO ME! Reading snippets like this slowly gnaws at my resolve to like Puck over Ash LMAO

  5. OMG... i really really need to read the boook... love love love ash...

    thanks for the ash teaser this week!!!
    luv ya

  6. OH M GEE! I really can't wait for the book to come out, i wonder who ash is talking to.

  7. LoveloveLOVED the Iron King! Can not wait until the Iron Daughter comes out! So what I think is that the "she" is Mab, the Queen, and he is talking to Meghan, while they are on their journey to retrieve what has been stolen from the unseelie court, and that the stolen item is the scepter.

  8. Aagreed with everyone from before lol. august MUST come quickly; I'm hooked!!