Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Team Ash/Puck Faceoff

Grimalkin here. I could introduce myself, but that seems unnecessary. I am a cat. And I have been asked by the author to host this Team Ash/Team Puck fiasco as, apparently, she believes I am a neutral third party who will not care either way which team wins or not.

She is right. I do not care. In fact, find it vaguely amusing that these two have accumulated any followers at all, as they are both impulsive and reckless and lack any sort of feline charm whatsoever...but now the author is glaring at me, so I suppose we should get on with it. Hopefully, this will be over before my nap.

Anyway, on to the Faceoff (!), insert fabricated excitement. Here are your contenders, human readers. And if you hear someone laughing hysterically in the background, worry not, it is just me.

Ash: Prince of the Winter Court. Dark, brooding, icy, and dangerous. Surprisingly graceful dancer and handy with a sword, but with the bad habit of threatening to kill you every time Mab shoots you a dirty look. As an added bonus, he can keep your drinks cold without using ice.

Puck: Oberon's jester and a nuisance to fey and humans everywhere. Words he would use to describe himself: witty, playful, mischievous, devilish. Words others would use to describe him: I cannot list for fear small children might see it.

Not much of a selection, if you ask me. But, to each their own. Apparently there are prizes for choosing a side, as well. The things humans do to entertain themselves.

Rules and prizes:

So, if you wish to vote for your favorite team, and perhaps win one of FOUR signed copies of THE IRON KING by Julie Kagawa (there is also a doodle of ME gracing the pages beneath the autographs, so that in itself is reason to grab one.), head on over to the team captain's blogs--shown below--and comment for your chance to win. Remember, there are FOUR copies up for grabs, so the more blogs you comment on, the greater your chances to win.

Oh, yes, and there might be a few painted Grimalkin rocks up for grabs as well.

And one more thing. One lucky grand prize commenter will win a signed ARC of THE IRON DAUGHTER. I understand that these are extraordinarily hard to come by, so it would be foolish to miss this opportunity. Besides, I am in the book, saving the day once again, so you will not be completely bored out of your mind.

So, now that you know the stakes, here are the links to the Team Captains blogs. Go...make your comment, cast your vote, throw tomatoes at members of the opposite team, whatever you wish to do. The Faceoff will run to the 3rd of May where, after the carnage dies down, the bodies are gathered up, and the votes are counted, we will see whether Team Ash or Team Puck has prevailed.

Team Ash
Gail: Ticket to Anywhere
Erica: The Book Cellar

Team Puck
Nicole: WORD for Teens
Stacy: Page Turners

So, in conclusion...wait. You really want me to say this? Sighs. Oh, very well. If I must: Ice or fire? Team Ash or Team Puck? Who will reign supreme? Only you can decide the winner. Choose your side now.

Good gods, I sound like a cheesy movie commentator. There will be repercussions for this, Kagawa. I WILL come to collect, have no doubts about that.



  1. We are so ready to RUMMMMBLE!! *nice kitty* LOL

  2. Haha!! Loving Grimalkin's introduction to this fun faceoff! :) *adores Ash and Puck & looks around for the #TeamSwitzerland button*

  3. I forgot to note, that since we're split down the middle on Team Ash/Team Puck, we're now Team Grimalkin!

  4. Team Grimalkin! Who doesnt love a smart kitty!
    off to vote!

  5. It's so hard to choose but I have to say I'm TEAM ASH!!

  6. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to be help the faceoff begin Grimalkin!

  7. (Love Grimalkin's voice!)

    But, I'm TEAM PUCK!

  8. Great post! I still haven't decided yet...I love them both!

  9. Okay, I had to post here,Julie, because although I'm a Mundie Mom and should be neutral *stares at KatieB's post up there*, The Iron Daughter's pgs 99-100, pretty much sent that compass needle over to Team Ash. Yeah. That was entirely too easy. Seriously, people, Puck? *shakes head* No, it's Ash. No spoilers but it is Ash.

  10. Team Grimalkin! Because I can't decided.

    Can we make an official Team Grimalkin group?

  11. Hey Julie! I won't pick a team (you know my heart) b/c as the editor I Know Too Much, but, love the faceoff! Good luck to everyone! And may I just say...they both have incredible moments in Iron Queen. Which only Julie, I, and Laurie (and anyone Julie critiques with?!) have read, mwah ha ha ha...

  12. Ah...since I didn't see any romantic dealings between Puck and Megan, I'd have to say I'm a Team Ash person.

    Except Grim is my love o'life. I always side with the Cait Sith, that's just smart thinking right there. So...Ash Team Grim for me!

  13. You know there'd be a Team Grimalkin, Grim, but everyone would be on it. What fun is there without competition? But thanks for hosting! I'm sure you racked up a favor or two from Julie for it.

    I'm Team Puck, fyi. I'll be commenting recklessly throughout the day. Be prepared, Team Leaders. Although Ash is charming and icy and stuff, Puck has heart! And he's a schemer. You have to love that.

  14. This is lovely :)

    And, oh, Team Ash for me!

  15. Team Ash!!

    But only a wee bit more, since I love Puck just as well and I hope he will not end up with a breaking heart..

    *begs desperately for a happily ever after* (for all the three please!)

  16. Grim, I Love You!!!! I want to choose you, but I am not a cat!! T_T

    Soo...I guess I'm Team Ash ;)

  17. TEAM ASH! Love they ICY Prince! and I also love Grim! and loved his intro!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Oh I am so on Team Grimalkin but since he is not what we are voting for ... Oh, who am I kidding.. Its such a hard decision... Does Julie really think I can just chose between Puck and Ash? Seriously??? Its like choosing between McDreamy and McSteamy. LOL! I am seriously going to have to read The Iron King over and over again until I can make a logical decision. But knowing my undesiveness at choosing, I am probably just going end up chosing them both.

  20. Team ash all the way I know he'll do right by Megahn

  21. It has to be Ash!

    Mysterious, aloof, stunningly beautiful. (He wears a cape for goodness sake!) Plus he's got that whole Romeo-wrong side of the tracks-dangerous thing going on! Has to be Ash.

  22. Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!! Ash!!!

    I am totally not spamming anyone :P :D :D

    Grimalkin's intro right here was GENIUS!!! *boys to purring cat* :D

    And then *trots off to tell the whole world why they should love ASH!* :D

  23. argh what about team undecided? haha. I can't choose yet. I need to read the novella and the third book before I stake claim on a team.

  24. (OOPS, I meant "bows" to purring cat in my above comment, not "boys"!! LOL :D)

  25. Team Ash, he just has a certain way and quality about him :)


  27. I just started reading The Iron King and already halfway through and totally loving it! Can’t wait for Iron Daughter! The cover looks awesome.
    As for the faceoff, I see Puck more as a friend than something more, so…

  28. Where's the Team Grim button?

    If I had to choose, I'm definitely Team Puck! Never could resist a man who could make me laugh! :D

  29. Oh, it's so hard! Ash is a hottie with potential but Puck's the friend you'd want to marry... if there were a team Grim, I'd vote for him--love his sarcasm.

    *sigh* Team Ash it is. He needs a strong woman to make him into the man he can be!

  30. I'm going to go with Team Ash.

  31. Hmm...if I have to choose, then I'd say Team Puck!

  32. When i first started Iron King i was Team Puck and i thought i wouldn't change. But by the end i jumped over...TEAM ASH all the way!!!

  33. OKay, I"m throwing in the towel and saying TEAM ASH!!!!!! Sorry Puck, I still heart you, just not as much as Ash. :D

  34. I think I’m going to have to say I’m a team PUCK!!

    Ash sounds like a great character to!! But I’m feeling the PUCK-NESS lol
    You see in many books that the girl either has a friend who’s liked her for years and she doesn’t realize so she ends up getting with a different guy OR they always fall for the dark and brooding kind of guy.
    So let’s see a difference for once!! (:
    SO that is why I’m team puck...I think! ahah
    HES such a unique character and especially a different kind of guy that usually the girl doesn’t fall for!
    PLUS what ells do you need...
    he’s funny
    he’s a legend
    he's devilish
    I’m sure he can fight to
    he has heart!!
    AND he's mischievous! Come on who doesn’t like a mischievous smile (: lol

  35. I choose team Grimalkin, who said it had to be only Ash and Puck, who said Grim can't win.

  36. Puck all the way ;D.

    Who wouldn't choose Mr Trickster over Mr If-I-Smile-My-Face-Will-Crack*?

    *Inspiration from Puck.

  37. yeah, its team Ash all the way for me! Hes just the type of guy Id instantly fall for (or even marry!) and although Puck is great too but just not as great as Ash! <3 <3 <3

  38. TEAM PUCK! His is so devilish! Ash is tall, dark, and aloof. I can't stand those types. Yet they always get the chick. Even if he does change later. I'm still TEAM PUCK! I love funny, sweet, and mishevous!

  39. team Puck because you got too love a funny man + ash is hot but Puck is hotter. i read all three books in 2 day's

  40. puckpuckpuckpuckkk<33
    I mean, come on ladies.
    As much as i adore the ice prince,
    I just can't help myself.
    now that i think about it.
    I'm in love with Ash.
    PUCK<333 (stay focused.)
    The point is, puck is an amazing guy. And he deserves someone too. Maybe not meghan, but someone. I mean, if he can take a bullet for a girl who doesn't feel the same, he TOTALLY deserves a girl, just as devoted.
    (: gotcha back, puck. <3

  41. For Meghan, I have to say Ash. There's no denying it, as soon as she laid eyes on Ash, she hasn't been able to turn back. I love Puck (I really do), and it wouldn't fair to him to end up with someone who doesn't love him as much as he loves her. If it were me, though, I'd want Puck. I'm sick of the main character falling for the dark, mysterious type. I love Ash, truly, he's amazing. But Puck is just so damn funny and mischievous and...gahhhh!
    So, Meghan can have Ash. They're meant to be, anyone can see that.
    But TEAM PUCK. <3 He deserves someone who is as madly in love with him as he is with Meghan (at the moment). I can't wait to get my hands on The Iron Queen! It broke my heart to see Meghan tear Puck's heart out by leaving to be exiled alongside Ash. They're meant to be together and all, but my heart always pulls for Puck. xD

  42. If Puck was never a character in the book in the first place i WOULD have chosen Ash.But i just can't help the allure Puck gives off.He's funny,witty,and so full of mischief,who wouldn't be attracted to him?

  43. I utterly agree with your blog post i thinks so.Thanks for info.

  44. Grim you're hilarious!!!!!!!!! But im a hardcore TEAM ASH fan!!!!!!!! TEAM ASH for forever & always!!

  45. I love Grimalkin, too. Huge fan of The Iron Fey series. I was sad to see the end as we know it. I just simply HAVE to read The Iron Legends now. NOW, now. And I think the twilight teams are really stupid, but I adore Ash. So, yeah, team Ash.

  46. I love Grimalkin!!!! Although picking between ash and puck, (hmmm....I do love ash, but) PUCK!!!!!!!

  47. I like Ash but i love and adore Puck hahaha.. everytime he shows up in the book it makes me laugh, if this is going to be a movie i wish Nick Roux could play Puck. :)

  48. Team Ash all the way...How could you resist!!!

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