Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sims3: All's fair in love and war

Continuing the conflicts and dramas of the Sims...

When we last left Puck and Meg, Puck had become very friendly all of a sudden.

In fact, one could almost say he was flirting with her.

What's that look on your face, Puck? Are you thinking, don't do it...

Yep. He did it. But, how will Meghan react?

Meghan tells him the truth. He's a good friend, but...

she just doesn't feel the same. She is in love with Ash.

When Puck hears this, he's devastated.

And doesn't take it very well at all.

Meghan is shocked, but Puck, hurt and angry...

says some pretty terrible things.

They part ways for now, but will their friendship survive?

Things only get worse from there.

Puck continues his rampage against those responsible for his hurt. When Ash comes by later, Puck starts a fight with him, too.

Accusations were thrown out, and nasty things were implied.

Ash tries being reasonable,

But Puck doesn't want to hear it, and reverts to immature name calling.

Poor Ash is confused, not knowing what has gotten into him.

But then it becomes pretty clear what Puck is so upset about.

Sadly, their friendship comes to an abrupt end when, without warning, Puck lunges at Ash, forcing a confrontation.

The fight is brief and pretty one-sided.

And when it is done, Puck is the winner, but he has possibly lost his two best friends.

What will become of them now?

To be continued...


  1. Oh no poor Puck! It's okay, hopefully Meghan will still love him, as a friend of course. Ash all the way for loverboy! ;)

  2. poor Puck. I feel for him but think that he's overreacting. He should have known that Megan's heart belonged elsewhere.

  3. Yeah, Puck, how is this Ash's fault?

  4. Puck, no! You're only going to make it worse D=

  5. I love these posts. Sims 3 with that cast? Unbeatable.

  6. Oh no! This is so very sad! Poor Puck. And it's not really anyone's fault. Oh so sad. I'll take Puck if Meghan doesn't want him! :\P

  7. I'll also claim Puck if he's available :) I'm his biggest fan!

  8. I just realized your characters are named after the ones in the book lol. How awesome is that?!

  9. Why, Puck, why? Lose both friends in minutes, poor Puck ... :(

  10. Poor Puck! But really I think he's taking it a bit far. I mean did he slap Meghan? Since that's what it looks like.

  11. That's so awesome. I wonder what you made Ash's last name...?

  12. is Ariella ever going to make an appearance?

  13. HAHA this is so freaggin' cool! I love how you take the time to do all this; it'll like a bonus to help us stave off our neeeeed for The Iron Queen (for those of us that have read Iron Daughter already, hehe!).

    BTW, have you ever watched the show Avatar: The Last Airbender? It's fantastically amazing stuff, with all this beautiful Asian culture integrated into it and some kickarse elemental-bending martial arts! :D And there's this one character in it, Prince Zuko, who I visualize whenever I think of Ash :D

  14. I love Puck... but everyone knows that in the end, Meghan's heart will always belong to Ash.... no matter how much we want it to belong to Puck.