Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sims3: The Triangle of Doom

Time marches on in the lives of the Sims.

Ethan has grown from a toddler to a child.

His sister is still the one who looks out for him the most. Here they are working on homework. (Don't ask why they're doing it on the floor.)

And here is the entire family, together.

Ash and Meghan went out again recently. Only this time, Ash wanted to do it right and take her on a real date. Here he is waiting for Meghan outside the restaurant. (Doesn't he look cute in his white suit?)

After dinner, they returned to their favorite spot on the beach.

Where Ash finally asked Meghan to go steady with him.

She said yes. (And we have a real kiss at last.)

Except, trouble may be brewing on the horizon. The very next day, Puck called Meghan out to his house. What could he want?

Uh oh.

To be continued...


  1. I agree with Danielle.

    Poor Puck he's just a bit heartbroken. :(

    Thats okay puck I am here for you!

    ;) lol


  2. !!!! I do a happy dance every time I see these posts on my following list.

  3. I'm sneaky. I saw what that last picture was labeled. "puck flirt" O_o

  4. lol! i love this. and i love the sims! i missed playing! :)

  5. Ooohh fun! I love Puck. And Ash.
    The Iron Daughter was INCREDIBLE! :D I just finished it. Thank you Julie Kagawa!