Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sims3: Rematch!

Meghan's life has been busy of late.

She and Puck hang out constantly.

(Here's Puck showing off his dance moves.)

They're best friends now and very close. (Though how much of that is platonic, we have yet to see.)

Also this week, Meghan has taken up baking...

...and has entered the world of retail. She's made a tidy little profit for herself, too.

As for Ash and Puck, they've also become good friends. Adventurous and brave, they're constantly looking for trouble.

From exploring old ruins...

to finding dangerous, out of the way places...

To playing tag in the graveyard at night. (Ash wanted to see a ghost as well, but was sadly disappointed this time.)

Rowan seems to have it in for poor Puck. He caught him in an alley one day...

...threatening and making fun of him.

Eventually, this led to another fight. Only, this time...

Puck was the one who emerged victorious. (Though Rowan vowed revenge and declared Puck his nemesis. Who knows what he's planning next?)


  1. I love this so very much.

  2. You're totally just taunting me that my Sims won't work now. ;) I'm so glad you're posting this, though. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my Gamer Girlness. xoxo

  3. I love this one! Rowan had it coming xD

  4. I've always wanted to play the sims. I may have to now. hmmm...