Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sims3: The gangs' all here

This will be a long post, so bear with me.

Well, the boys' birthdays came and went without any fanfare or parties, so everyone is a teenager, now. Here's a picture of the gang (minus Meghan), with Sage, Ash, Rowan, and Puck in the background.

Meghan and Puck are still best friends

Meghan and Ash have done a bit of flirting

And Ash and Puck are still good friends, too

Though they still act like teenagers sometimes.

Rowan has been his usual mean self

And Puck, true to form, isn't taking it

Of course this...

leads to another fight...

with Rowan taking his revenge.

Only this time, Ash steps in to stand up for his friend. (Check out the look on Puck's face. If that's not smug, I don't know what is.)

Rowan backs off, for now.

Except, this leads to a fight between him and Ash later that night.

Ah, brothers. So, here is a question for everyone who likes these crazy Sims posts. What (or who) would you like to see more of? Should I keep doing what I'm doing now, or is there something else I can show? More town, more houses, more Puck/Ash/Meg? What are your thoughts?

Check back next time for the continued, complex life of the Sims.


  1. Hello! I'm a new follower and a very big fan! I actually just reviewed The Iron Daughter! Loved it!

    I think the sims are hilarious! I love them!

  2. Mabbe more Love Triangle? Also, more baby Ethan (he's so sweet). Anything really, it feels like secret author insight into the characters.

  3. What does Mab think about Meghan and Ash flirting? Hmmm?

  4. I'm sorry I just love them all .. so I can't choose. *hehee*

  5. I think it's all pretty funny :)

  6. I love these posts. Lots and lots of Ash is lovely :D

  7. That was so awesome! HAHA! Thanks for the chuckle! I say just keep doing what you're doing!

  8. OMG! This is hilarious! You should keep doing it!!

  9. I always look forward to these. I'm hoping for some more Meghan/Ash. I want to see them fall in love!

  10. MORE!how Meghan and Ash will fall in love! :D