Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best I've Read

I'm a BIR author!


For those of you not in the know (like me, a few days ago), BIR stands for Best I've Read, and is being held by several fantastic bloggers all over the blogosphere. Today, I'm featured at a couple of their blogs. Go check them out; some of them have giveaways for cool stuff. And, as we all know, stuff is great.

Page Turners Blog

A Readers Ramblings

Between the Covers (with interview AND giveaway)

And here's an interview with me over at Vampire Book Club , where they talk about The Iron Queen, faeries, and even have a picture of a HBWS (Hot boy with sword).

And yet another interview, this time with Meghan and Ash at Page Turners Blog

Thanks so much, ladies!


  1. It's funny you post this today b/c yesterday my blogger friend and I were talking trying to come up with our top YA picks for 2010 and I said the only perfect pick I could think of was the Iron King.

  2. Sure you are one of the "best I've read" ;-), no doubt !
    Me too, I was doing for my blog the "top 10 books read in 2010", and Iron Fey came at place no 1, execo with an other !
    Thanks for making us dreaming !

  3. You're books deserve to rank #1, but did you see in the vampire book club the picture of the HBWS has iron on him?