Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sims3: Tying the Knot

Disclaimer: Sims3 posts are in no way related to the actual events in the Iron Fey series.

Today is the big day. The guests have been invited, and everything is set up and ready.

And that evening, the ceremony begins. (I don't know why the guests are standing when there are chairs right there. Sims can be strange sometimes.)

Everyone looks on

as Meghan and Ash say their vows,

exchange rings,

And finally kiss.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the newlywed couple, Ash and Meghan Winter.

Aftermath: Meghan receives congratulations from family...

and friends.

Mab leaves as soon as its over, but Sage stays a bit to offer congratulations to his brother.

And finally, Ash and Meghan share one perfect dance. They're finally married, but their future together is just starting.

To be continued...?


  1. Hysterical and lovely at the same time!! I love these SIMS updates!!!

  2. Bahahaaha!!! That is awesome! DId you play this out just to do screen shots?

  3. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! Lol I cracked up!

  4. This is perfect! I love it! And yes you must must must continue their fictional Sims storyline. After all Puck needs to meet a nice girl to love.

  5. Awesome! I love these cartoons!!! :)

  6. *sigh* even the pic of their dance makes me swoooon.

  7. *sobs* Does this mean Ash is off the market?

  8. ROTF LOL omg that was hilarious! I love it!!! :0)

  9. Awe what an adorable Sims ceremony :) loved it :D

  10. Soooo cute! But Ash needs a haircut...
    It seems Puck popped in for the wedding, he didn't seem to get dressed up though...
    Good-bye, Newly-Weds! Hello, Puck!
    If you're trying to find a girl for Puck, I'll give you a great description to make a Sims of! Mine ;) Tall, brown hair, brown eyes, funny, tough, slightly punk...
    Well, LOVED this post!

  11. They're finally married... >_> uhm... I'll stop typing now.

  12. Sims Ash doesn't look like Ash at all! :(
    cute though.

  13. lol it's great
    although I'm surprised they got away with having such a small get-together type wedding for a royal couple =P
    But maybe because of the way things played out it had to be that way I guess (didn't want to spoil for anyone who hasn't read Iron Daughter!)

  14. @Primero: Yes, she is. I come back to her household and WHOOP, surprise! Sigh. These Sims.
    Can't take your eyes of them for a second.

    @Winter Fey: Check out the other Sims posts. Ash just has his hair back for the wedding. ;-)

  15. LOL. I love the seeming randomness of these Sims3 updates. And also the "To be continued?" at the end. Ooh, suspension. :P