Monday, December 20, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Can you believe its less then a week until Christmas? Where did the year go?

Anyway, several people have asked me for one last Teaser Tuesday, as a gift of sorts, and I agreed to one more teaser. The wait for Iron Queen isn't long now; January is right around the corner.

So, here is the last teaser of 2010.


If I’d known, I might’ve done things differently. But beyond that moment of regret, I felt calm, certain, filled with a resolve that pushed back all fear or doubt. I was ready. There was no other way.


Happy holidays, everyone!



  1. Love the teaser & your work; it's amazing!!! I'm writing now too and you are very inspiring, honestly.

    Enjoy the holidays!


  2. You are so cruel, but I love you anyway. Have a great Christmas!

  3. Have a wonderful Holiday, Julie! Thanks for the teaser, can't wait for Iron Queen

  4. *squees* Yay! Soo excited!
    Whe are you going to start posting Iron Knight teasers?

  5. Oh, I really CANNOT wait now. Julie, you are a tease.

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